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    The supposed outrage over the leak is also amusing. I'm old enough to remember Viet Nam (actually served during that debacle). When the Pentagon Papers and other "secrets" were leaked, everyone in the village was all atwitter too. But at least then, the press pointed out that everyone in the world, except us, already knew the truth (especially the Vietnameses ans Cambodians), so the only harm was to our fearless leaders.

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    haven't apologized to acorn yet, have they?

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    I was talking to someone very active in Indiana Dem politics yesterday afternoon - he said Bath has been frantically calling all over the state to get help in getting enough signatures to file for reelection and, surprise, suprise, no one is jumping on board. Guess he's too liberal...

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    and aren't we all sooo lucky that Obama is still being post partisan...

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    For god's sake Todd, just stop yourself.

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    Look. I'm from Illinois and I voted for Clinton. So did my wife. But this speech whining is stupid.

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    There are more than 100,000 seiu members in New York. Spitzer is a democrat. How the hell does a democrat not talk to one of the largest unions in the state? If he met with them, and the sides ended up on opposite sides, I'm sure Spitzer would not be too shy to mention it. BTW, everybody knew that Pataki was gonna bury any of his dem opponents back then, and although I'm not from New York, I sure haven't heard or read much about the dem leadership reaching out to Rivera or Stern about reaching long term solutions. Spitzers actions are bullshit. You don't start of your first term by kicking your base in the nuts. I'm sick of that crap.

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    Two thoughts cross my mind on this, and both put me in Stern's camp: first, I'm sensing a willingness on some posters to sacrifice the good at the altar of the perfect; but more importantly, where is the evidence that Spitzer even asked seiu to sit at the table to address those broader issues? There ain't no evidence, because he didn't try. He did the all too typical dem move of getting elected by a huge margin, then decided to show folks that he'll stand up to anyone - and then he whacks the worker bees to show everyone he ain't in the union's pocket. Yeah, Elliot, show how tough you are - beat up on a core constituancy. Maybe he should rent a room to holy Joe while he's at it.  

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    i'd like to know what people think of Obama's (in my opinion idiot and insulting) decision to not take pac contribs.

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    I live in Chicago, one of the cities this campaign was run in. We have a mayor who always struts about how tough he is (he's one W's favorite mayors), but somehow we didn't shut down the streets when these widgets dropped in. Maybe nobody saw them, but I can't help wondering what they're smokong in MA

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    people who believe that Clinton is competitive with Obama in the Black vote, do so at their peril

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    I'd suggest to you that it is not just California, and not just the west. Here in Illinois, at least part of the reason that dems continue to make inroads into the suburbs and exurbs is the movement of Chicagoans to the outlying areas. Even those moving because of racial bias still had a habit of voting dem for other reasons, and many tend to stay with the party. The increasing Hispanic population, the religous wingnuttery of the repugs play important parts in moving folks to the d column, but so, to some extent, does the outward urban migration.

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    Before I actually say No, let's point out a couple things. First, the Foley scandal did have an affect on the election: it showed the average American parent something that he/she could readily understand, that the Republican Congress cared more about their own power than in doing the right thing. People wouldn't tolerate it that behavior from their kid's teachers, and they got it about Haster and the gang.
    Second, don't forget; a congressional staffer tried to get various news outlets to deal with this story for months, but they all refused. Why? Well, it's the MSM, after all - at least the story got out.
    Finally, yeah Rahm's a jerk. I live in his district, and I never vote for him. But he's got nothing to be ashamed of here. Let it go
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    Emanuel is my congress critter - he's a jerk


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