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    Will Jerome be there, or is there a scheduling conflict with the PUMA folks?


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    Go figure that you find some crazy polling responses when you're asking questions about CURRENT candidates, and people that aren't running for the office. But no, I'm sure that the numbers showing Hillary ahead would be absolutely the same if she were actually the nominee. Good point. Jerome has officially jumped the shark.
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    ...that the extent of Jerome's contributions to his own site lately have been: 1. Writing about any and every decision that could possibly be turned into a criticism of Obama and his campaign (kind of like a watered down NoQuarter FP writer, minus the outright lunacy) 2. Writing articles about foreign elections You do know that it's OK to write a GOOD thing about Obama every now and then, right? I'm not even saying you shouldn't criticize (he's not perfect) , but I thought the role of a Democratic blog was to occasionally, you know, SUPPORT the Democrat. My two cents.
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    Come on, Todd, you're smarter than that. 1. You're basing a lot of this on a Newsweek poll that had him up 15 a few weeks ago, and "only" has him up 3 now. Newsweek is teh suck, as are many national tracking polls 2. It's JULY. Nobody's engaged in the election right now, which makes most of the statistics being passed around complete bunk. Look at the stats from Alexa - traffic on EVERY prominent site, Democratic or Republican has plummeted. There's just not that much interest in ANY kind of politics right now, which is going to make it that much harder to gauge what the race is going to end up like when people ARE interested. Obama probably won't have raised very much money this month, either. That won't be a "consequence of sounding like a Republican" it will be an effect of lowered interest in the race right now. Obama has hemorrhaged a little bit of support because of FISA, but there are three and a half months of messaging and motivation to regain that and more. 3. Say it with me, everyone: THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A NATIONAL ELECTION Stop looking at national numbers and start looking at the state-by-state results (fivethirtyeight.com is always a great place to start). There simply isn't a lot of movement anywhere that would indicate significant movement. Come on, people, we're smarter than this
  • The line isn't rising as much!  Boy howdy, we're screwed!

    If only there was some way to hold off the election until November!

    I'm concerned!

  • Well played, sir.

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    1.  Glad you're enjoying Philly.  It's one of my favorite places that I've visited.  I don't know if you're still up there, but I'd recommend checking out the Constitution Center, also, as it's an amazing tour.

    Independence Hall is amazing to see and soak up, as is the city as a whole.  Just do NOT go to the Liberty Bell if you haven't already.  I can save you the trip:  It's a bell.  A big, broken bell, but still just a damned bell.

    2.  iPhone is AT&T, not Verizon.  That said, as a former Treo owner, I agree - run, don't walk, to a better PDA.

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    Where did he throw Clark under the bus?

    When he said a line he wrote two months ago in his patriotism speech?

    When he refused to play McCain's game and denounce him in yesterday's press conference?

    This is just stupid.

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    Or spell check, apparently.

  • I'll never get that.  Out of all the people to hate on, the lunatics choose some a lady who has never served elected office, whose last meaningful contribution to Democratic politics was during the Clinton Administration, who didn't explicitly endorse Obama for most (all?) of the primary?

    Seriously, this is the culprit in the crazy DNC conspiracy theories?  A TV analyst?

    I'm so glad you guys don't have credence with anyone anymore.

  • Hi.

    HILLARY SUPPORTERS = A vital part of the Democratic party

    LOSERS = Concern trolls like you


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    Bob Johnson on one hand, people like SusanHu, Universal, Alegre, TexasDarlin...all posted prolifically until one big event or another got them banned or pissed off.

    It's also a little illuminating to see how many of the most vocal MyDD Clinton supporters have continued their crusade well after the primary is over.  During the primary, their arguments were hard to swallow for me, but the past few weeks have kind of confirmed their extremism, as most of them are now peddling their wares on sites that are purely anti-Obama, passing along any rumor, and criticizing him for being everything from too liberal to too centrist to too conservative.  If they see the irony in constantly quoting Fox News, it's not apparent.

    I like this place again, though.  The primary wars were vicious, but thank God they're gone.

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    Flag Pin.  Right there.

    I'd like to think that's what he's having a laugh about, lol.

  • Really?  Is that what it looks like?

    Because last time I checked, he could lose both states tonight and still be well over the limit needed to clinch.

    Say it with me folks:


    I assume if this happened yesterday, you'd still be saying it was all to "sway" the voters, right?


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    There are lots of people that aren't yet in that count.  There's a great diary that has a list of all the supers that will likely announce right after polls close over at dKos (http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/6 /3/74632/28923/895/527963).  

    Here's the rundown (links are in the original article):

    Sen. Ken Salazar (CO) and Gov. Bill Ritter (CO) are set to endorse Obama today but have not yet made it formal.

    Ralph Dawson (NY) will endorse Obama later today according to James Clyburn.

    Margaret Campbell (MT) endorsed Obama awhile back but had to retract it because of party rules that prevent its members from endorsing a candidate during a contested primary.  She is expected to officially endorse when polls close tonight.

    Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT), Sen. Max Baucus (MT) and Sen. Jon Tester (MT) are set to endorse Obama today when the polls close in their state.

    Debra Kozikowski (MA) who had supported John Edwards and has been firmly uncommitted since he left the race is expected to endorse Obama later today.

    Sen. Herb Kohl (WI) is expected to endorse Obama later today.

    Dennis McDonald (MT) is expected to endorse Obama at 10pm.

    Tom Harkin (IA) is expected to Endorse Obama today.

    St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman (whio is not a superdelegate) has "pre-endorsed" Obama.  This would be a switch from his previous support of Clinton.  He wants to give Clinton her chance to concede tonight before officially endorsing Obama.

    Add Carter on there, too.  We're about six public announcements away from ending this thing.


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