• To be fair to Gary, he did replace the "S" with $.
  • The idea that minimum wage increases lead to hogher unemployment has been pretty thoroughly debunked here.

    David Card and Alan B. Krueger . . . present a powerful new challenge to the conventional view that higher minimum wages reduce jobs for low-wage workers. . . . they present a battery of evidence showing that increases in the minimum wage lead to increases in pay, but no loss in jobs.

    The Card-Krueger work is essentially correct: the minimum wage at levels observed in the United States has had little or no effect on employment.

    --Richard B. Freeman, Journal of Economic Perspectives

    These guys are serious economists -- Card is a winner of the Clark Medal, which is second only to the Nobel in terms of prestige.

    There is no reason for progressives to fall for this junk economics argument ever again.

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    Somebody needs to send Kevin Drum a Christmas card:


    George Bush may have the best intentions in the world -- and in this case he probably did have the best intentions in the world -- but that still doesn't mean he has the kind of plenary power Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt exercised during their wars.

    Yup, best intentions in the world . . .

  • Barack Obama could single handedly lead the impeachment of Bush

    If he does that I promise I'll shut up.

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    I think this kind of article is so important, especially because it's not just conservatives, but many people who call themselves "progressives" who are trapped in sequential thinking.

    All you have to do is peruse the comments sections over at TPM Cafe to see that.

    They use the same arguments to "prove" that, say, labor unions are dinosaurs in a knowledge economy.

    And these are people who are supposed to be on our side. I think Bai even fancies himself as somebody who is trying to save the Democrats, even though his type is killing us.

  • Yeah, well there are a lot more of us who cringe everytime you so-called "moderates" bitch about Dean's truth-telling.

    Are you serious? Why don't you get a clue:

    • 59% of Americans disapprove of the way Bush is handling Iraq

    • 52% of Americans think things are going somewhat or very badly for the US in bringing stability and order in Iraq

    • 47% of Americans think Iraq will never become a stable democracy

    • 60% of Americans think we should draw down or remove all of our troops from Iraq.

    So what is Dean saying that at least about half the US population does not agree with?

    After you folks change your diapers you might think about acquiring some spine.

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    I stand by my statement -- Hackett clearly did suggest that Brown is "too liberal."
  • on a comment on Sirota's writings true or false over 8 years ago
    I guess you're referring to the "too liberal" quote?

    Iraq war veteran confirms bid for DeWine's Senate seat

    Mr. Hackett counters that his likely primary opponent, U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown (D., Lorain), is too liberal to beat Mr. DeWine in November, 2006.

    OK, so I guess the reporter is lying.

    "I believe in the core values of the Democratic Party," Mr. Hackett said. "I'm not afraid to fight for them and my values. Some of them are conservative, including on Second Amendment rights.

    "A Democrat in Ohio can get all of the Democratic votes in the northeastern and central parts of the state and still not get elected,"

    Got to give Hackett credit for tip-toeing 360 degrees around that one without actually saying "Brown is too liberal."

    Which "core values" of the Democratic Party are "conservative" again?

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    Please quit quoting Hackett as saying something that you don't have the quote for.

    What quote are you referring to here, and I'll find it for you.

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    I hesitate to get involved in this whole clusterf***, but some of you Hackett folks really seem to be getting deranged.

    Everytime I read one of these diaries about how Sirota has "lied" about Hackett, I click through a few links and find that all of Sirota's points check out, and that its you folks who are mis-characterizing Sirota.

    Really, all Sirota is doing is responding to your constant posturing about how Hackett is the second coming and all that, where the facts are that Hackett seems to be no more or less pure than many other pols out there.

    Look, Hackett's position on the Iraq War has moved around somewhat (but then so has the country's). He did suggest that Brown is "too liberal," an RNC talking point that should never pass the lips of anyone who claims to be progressive.

    Hackett also did make a political calculation (horrors!) when he decided to run statewide for the Senate rather than re-fight a tougher congressional race. This is the kind of calculation that if Brown did it, you guys would kick the shit out of him for, but when Hackett does it its all because of his sense of "duty" or whatever. Please.

    No human being, and certainly no politician, can be as pure and selfless as your characterizations of Hackett. He's just a man, not a god. Put the pods away, folks. You're just setting yourself up for long-run disappointment.

    Now, let them both run in the primary and may the best man win. But please knock off these idiot diaries (and please stop recommending them).

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    Alito, Worker Protections and the Environment

    Most troubling, however, is Alito's identification with the theories espoused by the so-called "Constitution in Exile" group . . . which argues that the most important rights are economic rights, particularly the right to property, and anything that take away those rights -- such as environmental or workplace safety laws -- are, or should be, unconstitutional.
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    The Roberts/Alito Court





    Don't forget about economic issues:

    Follow the Puppet Strings by Brad Plumer

    the White House was reported to have consulted business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, headed by former Michigan governor and Bush friend John Engler, over potential nominations
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    Alito, Hibbs and Federalis at Lawyers, Guns and Money

    Alito's nomination to the Court is unacceptable, and he should not receive a single Democratic vote.


    Little Nino Link Dump

    Casey as the Bat by Billmon

    I certainly hope that over the next several weeks pro-choice voters in Maine (Snowe, Collins) Rhode Island (Chafee) Ohio (Voinovich, DeWine) and the other haunts of "moderate" Republicans are made aware of the fact that Bush's nominee believes husbands have a vested property right in their wives' uteruses.

    How to Judge by Jeffrey Rosen

    Rosen argued back in November that Dems should vote to confirm Roberts, but oppose Alito.

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    They just never learn.

    What would liberal anti-totalitarianism mean today?

    The first thing it means is a comfort with military power.

    It's as if the last 3 years never happened.

    Totally deranged, totally unconnected to reality.

  • So if you were going to summarize this "moral norms foreign policy" or "America as a moral force in the world" in a pithy phrase as part of a list along with "smart growth" or "fair trade" or "tax fairness" that summarized progressive values (and characterized in a bad way what the other side stands for), what would you call it?


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