John McCain: Fighting for you.

You know, I don't think people on this site really appreciated how much John McCain would work for them. Ordinary, normal people. But he gave solid, concrete examples of the people he would work for in his speech last night.

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Obama's First Palin Ad (w/video)

Obama's first advertising response to Palin?

Hey, look at the guy at the top of the ticket.

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Stay classy, Fox. (Updated with video)

I never, ever, ever should have switched over to Fox. But I couldn't resist. I couldn't help myself.

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Not PUMA, but undecided

He is a pleasant man, who, without any important qualifications for the office, would very much like to be President.
-Walter Lippmann

The speech that Hillary gave was, in a word, perfect.

However, the question becomes... She couldn't do anything more, but did it work? How effective was this speech in convincing her hesitant supporters to join Obama and the Democratic Party in November?

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Well, the strategy worked. Kind of. I'm assuming.

Obama's decision to keep the VP decision to himself as long as he did was obviously a wise one, since this afternoon was a litany of "got the call that he would not be VP, according to Democratic sources" stories. Then, once Biden was (allegedly) contacted, we knew. Actually, we basically knew when the Secret Service showed up. That was kind of a biggie.

For all the showmanship, the only error may have been not releasing the text message at 7ish, for two reasons: to preserve the "you heard it first" narrative and to allow for all types of homemade Obama/Biden signs tomorrow. Que sera sera. The text is out now (apparently, I don't have a cell, but it's on the Obama '08 homepage).

But while trolls and McTrolls and both PUMAs and several genuinely disappointed Democrats mourn the passing of their favorite candidates nascent VP bid, I thought I'd give ten reasons why I'm not displeased with Obama/Biden.

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McCain v Water

Water, kind of essential for life, has become a central theme in Colorado and the surrounding region following McCain's remarks and Romney's follow-up.

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Focusing Creative Energy

Let's see, what's on the recent diaries list: VP, we're doomed, VP, McCain, VP, "successful dump" by a VP possibility.

OK, we've got a little situation here.

The netroots is in an orgy of VP speculation, deconstruction, reconstruction and more speculation. While amusing (and I've done my part), I think part of this is due to the fact that there isn't much else to talk about in the middle to end of August. Unlike 2004, we don't have any Swiftboat ads, just McCain ones that are either really silly (Obama's popular! That's bad!) or depressing (Life sucks, reality's black and white and vote Republican.). We also don't have a lot of new Democratic coverage because Obama's on vacation.

I think, like kindergarteners without a teacher, there's a little bit too much nervous and creative energy bounding about the room. So, let's put it to good use in a thought exercise. Get out your crayons and construction paper, please!

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Another VP diary! Huzzah! (Fixed)

Earlier today, discussing how long a computation was taking, I e-mailed a friend who has moved on to a different university asking if they have any of those quantum computers. Her response was a cautious "We may?"

I immediately replied that this was the trouble with quantum computers: you can never definitively state whether you have them or not unless they're observed, and observing them alters the answer.


Realizing that I had clearly be driven a little crazy by all the science work over the last week, I needed a quick breather and a new diary couldn't hurt. The topic? What else: the VP.

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Remember liberal bias?

Watching the media coverage of Obama and McCain this month has been interesting, to say the least. While the millions (and millions) of talking heads talked about how crippling a gaffe by Obama on this trip would be, they've passed on numerous gaffes by McCain. These ranged from silly mental errors that were clearly comical misstatements (the "bottled hot water to babies" type) to factual errors on substantive issues (Anbar and the surge) to things sort of in the middle (Iraq-Pakistan border, in response to a question about Afghanistan).

In fact, the overall tone of the coverage has been a little like a Little League game where an overmatched team is down by 12 and the ump is trying to cushion the loss a little. Widen the strike zone a little for their pitcher, ignore the first baseman's foot being a little off the bag, call something foul instead of fair, that sort of thing.

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McCain's campaign finance reform

The public outcry when Obama decided to forgo public financing was deafening, I assume. I didn't hear many people caring, but I kept being told everyone cared, so I just figured the first collective gasp was so loud it blew out my eardrums.

Of course, while members of the media reported on fretting by various other members of the media over what this meant for Obama's message of change, we were also treated to McCain's camp pulling out one of those labels that the media has given him: "campaign finance reformer".

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