Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize

I think this is a well deserved prize for someone who has been giving us the warning signals for many years. As a columnist in NYTimes, Krugman has been a fearless and very balanced commentator taking on both the right and sometimes the left. He has been attacked from both sides but in most cases his analysis has been spot on.

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Breaking News: Sarah Palin abused her power in troopergate

Just heard it on the news. It is a bipartisan conclusion.

CNN has a short report. The pdf document is online. The first finding confirms that Governor Palin abused her power.

(sorry for the short diary)

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Why I worry

It is indisputable now that John McCain is running the most despicable, dishonorable campaign in history. I would have laughed it away as "desperation" if the subtext had not been so incendiary: "Obama is an uppity black man, a closet Muslim and maybe even a secret one man terrorist cell".

Don't believe me? Look at this:

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RCP Polls: Single digit race

National    Rasmussen Tracking    Obama 51, McCain 45    Obama +6
National    Reuters/CSpan/Zogby    Obama 47, McCain 45    Obama +2
National    Hotline/FD Tracking    Obama 45, McCain 44    Obama +1
National    GW/Battleground     Obama 49, McCain 45    Obama +4

Note: this is not a poll diary but it is call to confront a despicable whisper campaign head-on.

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Tomorrow's debate: Sen. Obama end this charade

Once again a call to arms. The moral of the story is you do not play nice with thugs. Obama campaign has got the message. Obama is fighting back against the smears with a  very strong and broad based attack on McCain. Now he has to close the deal.

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Stop pussyfooting! Time to end the McCain-Palin charade

I don't know about you but with everyday that goes by with Palin on TV spewing her verbage and McCain acting like the creepy/weird old dude getting a kick off his "prize" I feel nauseated, I feel apprehensive that things might still change and I feel bewildered that in spite of the thousands of missteps by McCain and Palin, their campaign is still hobbling along like a lame horse dragging itself along the race track hoping that the other contestants ahead would self-destruct.

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Clueless Palin

Watch the video above and read the transcript below.

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Letterman skewers McCain

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What the hell was Biden thinking?

This is the clip that's going viral:

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[Updated] Obama's time for leadership

This is a personal perspective of the way things stand. You can even say that this is from the perspective of an ex-Obama-skeptic who has now embraced the Democratic ticket whole-heartedly knowing all the things at stake.

Right now in this country there is a big vacuum in leadership. When people dissect McCain's economic plan they can only come to one conclusion: it is low on specifics. He spent most of his speech attacking Obama. Even George Will, a conservative, found his demeanor "un-presidential", "substituting vehemence for coherence". Watch:

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