[UPDATED] Sharia law comes to Pakistan Swat Valley

This is a short diary only to inform people here of the real threat that we are facing now and if we don't tackle it early this will grow into a multi-headed hydra that which we will be unable to control.

Update [2009-2-17 20:18:8 by tarheel74]:

Thank you everyone for recommending this diary. Some people here have conflated freedom of religion with oppression and barbarism and while I am all for freedom of religion I am against barbarism and the Taleban represents medieval barbarism of the worst kind. The recent troops increase in Afghanistan is a step in the right direction but it is not enough. We just cannot have a failed nuclear state controlled by fundamentalists on one side and a narco-state on the other side of the same border. Afghanistan and Pakistan are a messy situation and for the world to be a safer place we have a long hard road ahead of us.

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A New Beginning: A personal perspective

I have been meaning to write this diary since morning but between flying from NC to PA and still processing the monumental and historic events of the past 24 hours I am at a loss for words. But I will tell you like I did before about what I saw on the ground, people I talked to and what they told me about the change in American democracy.

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(Updated) Some alarming trends (We need your help in PA)

The new NBC/Mason Dixon poll suggests that PA is now a 4% race within the margin of error. Obama leads at 47% to McCain's 43%. Remember we cannot give up Pennsylvania. There are still a lot of undecided voters here and I have documented that since my visit to the state.

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I canvassed for Obama today, what did you do?

Very short diary. Even among Democratic rolls here in PA I found McCain supporters and undecideds. They generally fell in the following demographics: the McCain supporters are middle to senior age group white Americans and blue collared whites, while the undecideds were white seniors and the young white age group, specifically young white low information women and a few men.

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Call to Arms

As you know tomorrow John McCain will be on Larry King. It is time for some accountability. I emailed my question to the show citing facts. Here is the link to the show. Send in your questions, be respectful and cite factual examples. Let us as voters ask for some accountability from this man.

http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5. lkl.html

Short diary but unlike others I request everyone to take this seriously. This ugly divisiveness has gone way too far. We have to combat the forces of division that this man has engendered.

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State of the Race

Today I read an article by Jonathan Alter about the state of the race in Newsweek. It was an outline of the worst-case scenario of how McCain can win. Ultimately I can only see one way by which McCain can win: to dial back the progress that American society has made as a whole, to appeal to the fears and the subdued feelings of bigotry of white voters and finally appeal to the cynicism of Americans in general. Make no mistake a Republican victory will be a Pyrrhic victory, a victory for the forces of cynicism, racism and all the social evils we try to discard, as we as a society try and evolve into a new generation.

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Canvassing in PA

For the last few days I have been canvassing and phone-banking in Pennsylvania. I will tell you about my experiences in Dauphin county in Harrisburg and Hershey area for the last few days. This is real life experience. Follow me after the jump.

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[updated] What's going on in Pennsylvania?

I am writing this diary after reading this on CNN:

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has sent two separate memos to the Obama campaign in the past five days requesting that the Democratic Presidential candidate--as well as Hillary and Bill Clinton--return to campaign in Pennsylvania, Rendell told CNN's Gloria Borger.

Rendell said the McCain campaign is clearly making a push to win Pennsylvania, given the recent visits by the Arizona senator, his wife and his running mate. As a result, he wants Obama to appear in western Pennsylvania, Harrisburg and one more "large rally" in Philadelphia. Democrats generally worry that the race is significantly closer than what recent polls have suggested. According to Rendell, there is also worry among Democrats the McCain campaign has successfully raised the enthusiasm level among Republicans in the state.

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[updated] Joe Biden needs a muzzle (or a teleprompter)

We are 15 days from the most important election in our life and yet Joe Biden cannot keep his mouth shut. When you select a do no harm VP it means that he does no harm to the campaign but this time he went overboard and this is free gift to his "good friend" on the GOP ticket.

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"Obama will raise your taxes"

This is the new mantra of the Republican ticket. It is the same old jaded talk of the liberal "tax and spend" bogey-man. I really do not know if this will work simply because that the conservative government for the past 8 years have shown that they follow the "spend and spend" dictum.

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