Pakistan: where women are still buried alive

One of my friends sent me this link. What really caused disbelief was not just that this thing happened but a lawmaker defended the act in parliament.

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Sarah Palin: clever what?

Well Barack Obama got less than 12 hours to celebrate his successful convention and once again GOP has hogged the limelight. All major networks and blogs are abuzz with this curve-ball. Sarah Palin. No one ever saw that one coming. Once again we see how and why McCain campaign has been able to stay competitive in this race against seemingly overwhelming dominating one news cycle after another.

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On his 100th anniversary is it not time we gave a great liberal his due??

Lyndon Baines Johnson (08/27/1908 - 08/27/2008)

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Weak on national security: Fight the perception II (Georgia on my mind again)

This is the third installment of my diaries on the current Georgia-Russia crisis on which I think the leading Obama supporting leftist blogs are dead wrong.

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(UPDATED) Weak on national security: Fight the perception

I have written once before about how the American left is wrong in going out of its way to chastise Georgia while giving a free pass to Russia. The lead champion of this meme is still TPM and Josh Marshall. It is commentary like that which flies in the face of public opinion and people who have worked in the foreign services that brands the left as weak on national security and surrender monkeys.

(UPDATE) As I have written below, I had hoped Gen. Clark would get the VP nomination or at least be involved in foreign policy but as of right now he seems to have been DISINVITED from the Democratic convention by the Obama campaign!!

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(updated) Russian lullaby: the shame of the American left

I thought of letting this pass but after reading what is the prevailing wisdom of the modern American left I have to write this. The left has lost its way. It seems instead of facing tough choices the prevailing wisdom is to surrender.

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Obama and the Senate officially caves in: RIP 4th amendment

What can I say? I had high hopes. As I had written in my previous diary I hoped that the de facto leader of our party will stand up to the lobbyists and Washington plutocrats as he had promised in his campaign. I though he would show some leadership and make at least one of the amendments pass against the nay-sayers and help kill this travesty. I was wrong. The cave-in is now official.

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(updated) The Daschle-ization of Obama (How Obama can save himself and the Democratic party.)

In the past few days if anything we have seen where and how the turf lies. After the primaries Obama made a transition to the center so fast that it makes superman seem slow. But while some of the steps he took are inconsequential and really not that bothersome at least to me he did make to big ones which will come to bite him later if he does not rectify them now:

1) Announcing his support for the FISA bill

2) Distancing himself from Gen. Clark.

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Why does this man caucus with the Democrats?

Can someone seriously tell me why the Democratic leadership cowers to this man when he says outrageous things like this on TV?

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[UPDATED 1,2,3,4] Why I still do not buy the Obama hype: who will stand up for our civil liberties?

A few days ago I wrote a diary about how the Democratic congress has sold us out on civil liberties and how Barack Obama (the great progressive that he is supposed to be) played along with them and gave a wishy-washy statement. Many people here said that when the time comes he will stand up against the bill. Guess what? The man we have nominated to the guardian of the constitution and its servant just flushed an important part of it down the sink.

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