He still does not get it

November 1st 2010, the eve of what can be the most historic mid-term drubbing delivered to any sitting president. Why did this happen? Could this been avoided? What went wrong? These questions are being debated and will be discussed ad nauseum after tomorrow.

Let me tell you what I think. This happened because the opposition decided that they would rather embark on a tried and true policy of non-cooperation and passive resistance. They wanted this President to fail and they exploited the alarming naïvete of this President. Could this been avoided? Yes, by a strong President willing to fight for the middle class this could have been avoided. What went wrong? Surrounded by beltway mavens this President stuck his head in the sand, and sadly even now he has his head in the sand.

What really irks me are two exchanges from the recent discussion this President had with liberal bloggers.

Q Mr. President, you've said that you want to work with Republicans after the election, but there's probably a pretty good chance that they're not going to advance with you. Is there sort of a breaking point you have of where you try to work with them and they just refuse to budge, which they've indicated so far? Is there a breaking point for you just like you're going to have to go off on your own and find a way around them?

THE PRESIDENT: Look, the -- I'm a pretty stubborn guy when it comes to, on the one hand, trying to get cooperation. I don't give up just because I didn't get cooperation on this issue; I'll try the next issue. If the Republicans don't agree with me on fiscal policy, maybe they'll agree with me on infrastructure. If they don't agree with me on infrastructure, I'll try to see if they agree with me on education.

So I'm just going to keep on trying to see where they want to move the country forward.

In that sense, there's not a breaking point for me. There are some core principles that I think are important for not just me to stick with but for the country to stick with. So if the Republicans say we need to cut our investments in education, at a time when we know that our success as a nation is largely going to depend on how well trained our workforce is, I'm going to say no. And there are going to be areas where, after working very hard, we just can't find compromise and I'm going to be standing my ground, then essentially we debate it before the American people.

But I don't go into the next two years assuming that there's just going to be gridlock. We're going to keep on working to make sure that we can get as much done as possible because folks are hurting out there. What they're looking for is help on jobs, help on keeping their homes, help on sending their kids to college. And if I can find ways for us to work with Republicans to advance those issues, then that's going to be my priority.

Say what? Did the last two years did not happen? Isn't the drubbing he is about to receive not good enough to drill some sense into him? Did he not hear what Mitch McConell, Mike Pence, or Darrell Issa have been saying?

Just before the August recess of 2009, I posted a diary asking "How's the bipartisan thingy working out for you?". Some idiots here accused me of making personal attacks on Obama because bipartisanship was his platform. Maybe it was, but bipartisanship at the expense of the middle class and for personal glory is dangerous and delusional. To those people I say, hear that flushing sound? That's the Democratic party going down the drain to satisfy the vanity of this president. He now seems to be both dangerously naïve and delusional.

But then again this President thought himself to be above party politics. He does not believe in endorsing loyal Democrats, when he would rather endorse Republican friends; he does not believe in making a stand on civil rights for gays when all he sees is a trajectory; he does not believe in fighting for Main Street, but he does believe in writing a blank check to Wall Street. Why else will he internalize the most pathetic excuse for his inactions?

I'm President and not king. And so I've got to get a majority in the House and I've got to get 60 votes in the Senate to move any legislative initiative forward.

Now, during the course -- the 21 months of my presidency so far, I think we had 60 votes in the Senate for seven months, six? I mean, it was after Franken finally got seated and Arlen had flipped, but before Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. So that's a fairly narrow window.

By all accounts he had a historic mandate, yet he squandered it, only to say later, rather ironically, "Larry Summers did a heckuva job". Oy.

Maureen Dowd finally goes where the professional left has been for these two years:

At first it was exciting that Obama was the sort of brainy, cultivated Democrat who would be at home in a “West Wing” episode.

But now he acts like he really thinks he’s on “West Wing,” gliding through an imaginary, amber-lit set where his righteous self-regard is bound to be rewarded by the end of the hour.

Hey, dude, you’re a politician. Act like one.

But the lofty words (or rhetorical Rorsasch tests) that defined the candidate in 2008, has been tempered today by a man more intent on a re-election campaign based on personality. The words "hope", "change" and "audacity" have lost their lustre. The slogan defining the Presidency has been replaced from "YES WE CAN" to "yes we can BUT". In the end, due to an alarming lack of principled leadership, we all suffered, the middle class suffered, the Democratic party suffered.

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Obama the Massive Ego-Maniac

Mr Obama-ego started early on his downward slide early on, like the next day after his election. I first noticed that he was going to walk away from the promises and the thousands of Democratic teams and volunteers who worked hard to elect him very soon after election night.  He may win nomination in 2012 but I'm one who IS NOT going to be poll watching or putting out campaign signs and running phone banks for HIM. I will spend my valuable precinct time helping local candidates try to undo the mess that this very aloof man has gotten us into around here.

The reason is simple:  In 2006 and 2008 we worked our butts off to build up the Democratic party here in west Houston. It was for many years a Republican stronghold i.e. judges, county officials, county attorney, prosecutors --- all were GOP. By 2006 we had pushed the local GOP to bankruptcy without any help from Obama. Did we get any recognition / any grassroots money / any organizational help from the Obama people in 2008? I understand that they had over $200 million in the bank at the end of the election for his Presidency. Did he or Axelrod spend any money on building on what momentum that we had going here and in a thousand other places--HELL NO. We wanted to go on to Georgia in Dec. 2008 to get out the vote for Martin in the Senate runoff against Saxby Chambliss--you remember Mr. Chambliss a big  scumbag GOP senator who came into office  with the lies his team told in 2002 that Max Cleland got his Vietnam wounds actually playing with a hand grenade but not in combat--yeah him. Anyway--did Obama lift a finger or make a trip to Georgia?  Nope--same story in Minnesota and then the capper in Massachusetts--not any help from the Obama White House team came to help.

Your point about him not getting it (keeping Ted Kennedy's seat would seem important to Obama and the Democrats but he just let it slide and went on one of his endless diplomatic trips abroad) is spot on--the reason is his GIANT EGO. No matter how many times the GOP tells him they are going to do their damnest to take him down--his ego gets him to thinking--"Hey, no way--these people will see the error of their ways-- everyone must love me the way that I love me?"

Now its Obama's turn to be in trouble. Don't think I'm going to be helping him out in 2012 but then I will probably be helping Joe Biden since Obama may get dumped by the new Congress Republicans. I wonder what his ego will do to his psyche when Boehner and McConnell decide to send Ken Starr into the White House to impeach him.....wow, maybe he can smooth talk them into being nice. I hope so or else he is going to sink like a stone. The Democrats here don't need him. He has done us a ton of NO Favors now for 2 years. Let him and his big fat EGO face the music and the crap that Boehner, McConnell, and Issa are gearing up to throw at him.

by hddun2008 2010-11-01 09:59PM | 1 recs
RE: Obama the Massive Ego-Maniac

It is one thing to have a personality based campaign and quite another to buy into that balderdash. Not only did he start believing in his personality cult, but like all similar minded people he wanted to exert complete control on the message. As a result, as you say, none of third party progressive groups were able to raise significant cash to counter this massive conservative offensive. The WH now complains about the lack of "progressive" support, when the same people basically black-balled anyone from giving these groups money. Thankfully that trend is changing. Soros is giving more money to thrid party groups instead of OFA/DNC. I for one do not even bother opening any OFA emails. It's their fiasco, the WH made it, they own it and now they deserve everything coming to them.

by tarheel74 2010-11-01 10:13PM | 0 recs
RE: Obama the Massive Ego-Maniac

I find it interesting that there are many people on the blogs that feel the way you do. They are saying if the GOP wants him then they can have him. I mean why should people run around and have the back of someone that doesn't have yours. 


The irony is that he so desperately wants to work with the GOP and they absolutely hate him. It's also why I preferred Hillary back in the primaries because she knew evil when she saw it and had faced down said evil time and again.

by Ga6thDem 2010-11-02 12:22AM | 0 recs
Perhaps, Just Perhaps

This could be a teachable moment....

by donkeykong 2010-11-02 12:55AM | 0 recs
RE: Perhaps, Just Perhaps

Another beer summit? Or should it be a Rose Garden Tea Party?

by tarheel74 2010-11-02 11:32AM | 0 recs
Well now

Can we all agree to kick axelrod out of the party yet?


And kos please god let the greenies have him.

by donkeykong 2010-11-03 03:14AM | 0 recs


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