McCain's Budgeting Gimmick

if you thought the flip flop on drilling for offshore oil was a gimmick, wait till you see how McCain will balance the budget... uid=FB652769-3048-5C12-006563F0B10EB827

"The McCain administration would reserve all savings from victory in the Iraq and Afghanistan operations in the fight against Islamic extremists for reducing the deficit. Since all their costs were financed with deficit spending, all their savings must go to deficit reduction."

so he's going to End all wars so fast that he'll balance the budget with it??

How come Obama's camp isn't calling him out on TV on this non-sense.

It's bad enough that McCain flip-flopped on offshore drilling between May and June and got away with it, but this too?

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Why Isn't Obama Slamming McCain on NAFTA, Jobs and Trips to S. America

where is Obama's campaign right now?

When I heard McCain was taking a trip to Colombia I thought it was Columbia, Missouri, not south america.

Now McCain's in Mexico with web ads talking about creating jobs in Mexico..

What am I missing?  This is a perfect time after 6 straight months of heavy job losses to nail McCain on trade and jobs..

I'm thinking Obama's campaign is overconfident or not realize how the new independent expenditure group created within the RNC is going to trash obama. rtin/0708/RNC_creates_independent_expend iture_arm_.html

The Republican National Committee has tapped a GOP media consultant to run an independent expenditure campaign set up to target Barack Obama, according to a source familiar with the plan.

Brad Todd will run the new arm of the RNC, broadcasting ads and sending mailers with committee money.

The new entity is barred by law from any coordination with either McCain's campaign or the RNC, but some of the cash they use to air the spots will have been raised by the GOP nominee.  

Oh well,,,  I was kinda hoping Obama would trot out with Edwards and talk about the silliness of traveling to Mexico talking about job creation there..

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Update: McCain Continuing Obama Mililtary fake-outrage, Now with Webb

my last and second diary of the day..

Boy I sure hope Obama's campaign has a plan to go after McCain's pretty unimpressive pre-captive military record.  Like being 894 out of 899 in his class and crashing planes left and right.

Now It appears McCain's camp is trying to make Obama his B**ch and saying anything to do with McCain's military record, qualifications or Military opinions are beyond reproach.

http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsm obama_1.php

McCain Campaign Accuses Obama Camp Of Coordinating With Webb To Attack McCain
By Greg Sargent - July 1, 2008, 2:01PM
Now the McCain campaign is accusing the Obama campaign of coordinating with Jim Webb to "attack" McCain's war service.

On MSNBC last night, Webb told McCain that he should "calm down" with the use of his military service in the campaign, adding that it was time to "get the politics out of the military."

Now the McCain campaign is responding to Webb, arguing that Webb's comments prove that Obama "can't control his surrogate operation." McCain spokesperson Brian Rogers sends us this:

If you didn't think this was a coordinated attack on John McCain's credentials before, it's clear now that it is. Barack Obama's surrogates are telling the McCain campaign to "calm down" about attacks on his military record? Seriously? Now somehow Wes Clark's attacks are John McCain's fault? It's absurd. If Barack Obama can't control his own surrogate operation, how can he be trusted to run the country?

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Is Obama Setting Up McSAME to Release his FULL Military and Medical Records?

We all remember the whisper campaign by the Bushies that McCain was permanently mentally affected by his prison time, with "unstable" a very common word associated to McCain.

I wonder if Obama is setting up McSame to release his full Medical records.

How many pages of military and medical records would you expect someone who spent 23 years in the Navy plus additional Naval Academy?

Does 17 pages seem right?  What would be the number someone would expect? ein/mccains-secret-questionab_b_107409.h tml

Is it true McSame finished in the bottom 1%  of his class? Is it true there are at least 600 pages of unreleased records?

In May 2005, six months after he lost his bid for president, Senator John Kerry signed the 180 waiver, authorizing the release of his complete military service record to the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and the Associated Press. ** Unlike Kerry, McCain shouldn't wait until after the election to do so. The Navy may claim that it already released McCain's record to the Associated Press on May 7, 2008 in response to the AP's Freedom of Information Act request. But the McCain file the Navy released contained 19 pages -- a two-page overview and 17 pages detailing Awards and Decorations. Each of these 17 pages is stamped with a number. These numbers range from 0069 to 0636. When arranged in ascending order, they precisely track the chronology of McCain's career. It seems reasonable to ask the Navy whether there are at least 636 pages in McCain's file, of which 617 weren't released to the Associated Press.

I can only hope that Obama's team has a longer objective than just dissing Clark.
and not making the distinction between the content of what Clark actually meant and the fake outrage.

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Obama Campaign Bungling Wes Clark Comments

Obama is really bungling the Wes Clark comments.

Clark's comments honored McSAME's service but said that he never commanded a squadron in combat and said that being shot down and captured is not qualification to be president.

there was no rage or no questioning McSAME's service.

All Clark did was raise a debatable point, whether service alone would make someone a good president.  As recently as 2004 the GOP didn't seem to think so did they.

Why is Obama making such a silly mistake. As ceding all ground on commander in chief to McSAME.

McSAME even has a former swift boat member now beating up on Obama.

Obama is getting the same old bob shrum/john kerry advice that dems always get.

Republicans never cede an inch on anything.

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Hillary Can Pay Off Debt by Fillibustering FISA

I was just thinking the other day that is FISA "compromise" granting retroactive immunity seems like a horrible bill against everything most Democrats believe in.

Unfortunately Obama is taking the safe centrist political road and denying the GOPers an issue for November by taking the wrong position.

You know what would really earn my respect is if someohow Hillary led the charge to stop the FISA compromise - I'm not sure what the proper legal procedural move is -but wouldn't it be great if she stopped it?

anyhow - I admit the connection to fundraising for Hillary is stolen from this diary today here 13022/4813/253/539792

Senator Clinton, Do You Want Some Cash?
by Andy30tx

Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 10:04:06 AM PDT

Senator Clinton,

You made statements supporting the filibuster of the Protect America Act previously. Is that still your stance on this fundamentally unchanged bill? If so, I would be happy to donate to your campaign in order to assist you in your debt situation. Simply publicly state your opposition to FISA and place a hold on the bill and I will donate the fifty dollars I had planned to donate to Senator Obama's campaign.

Thanks so much,
A hopeful voter.

Andy30tx's diary :: ::
I doubt this will do any good, but I would be more than happy to help Hillary get out of debt if she made a strong movement to help us all with the FISA situation. Any other takers?

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Hewlett Packard Lost Half Its Value Under Carly Fiorina

short diary but how in the world haven't the Obama surrogates brought up McCain's economic gurus?

Graham for instant is a lobbyist for UBS, a foreign bank in the subprime business,
and Carly Fiorina, was CEO of HP when it lost over half its value? na

Fiorina presided over a halving of Hewlett Packard's value during her tenure and heavy job losses.[1] She was fired by HP's board due to dissatisfaction with her performance in February 2005.
Fiorina is also a contributor on the Fox Business Network.[2]

seems like a ripe area to go at McCain on.

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McSAME Hypocrisy: Not Born in U.S. & Lifetime Government Healthcare Recepient

a couple of things irk me about McSAME.  While Obama has to provide his birth certificate, McSAME was not even born in the U.S..

Why haven't I heard this on the 24 hour Yapper TV?

McCain was born at Coco Solo Naval Air Station[1] in Panama to naval officer John S. McCain, Jr. (1911-1981) and Roberta (Wright) McCain (b. 1912). At that time, the Panama Canal was under American control, and the McCain family was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone

also does it bother anyone else that McSAME has never had a job in the private sector and from birth to death the guy will be provided healthcare by the Government but wants to deny it to everyone else?

WHY isn't anyone talking about communist care McCain?

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Hillary Goon Caught Staging Theatrics

the RBC seemed to do what everyone wanted in terms of Florida.

Michigan was more difficult and quite frankly Obama's people should have let Hillary keep her 4 extra delegates to take away all their talking points.

Anyhow check out the bruises on the woman who claims she was "manhandled" and thrown out minutes to hours earlier.
You know how a bruise changes color over time? That's your body fixing the bruise by breaking down and reabsorbing the blood, which causes the bruise to go through many colors of the rainbow before it eventually disappears. You can pretty much guess the age of a bruise just by looking at its color: When you first get a bruise, it's kind of reddish as the blood appears under the skin. Within 1 or 2 days, the hemoglobin (an iron-containing substance that carries oxygen) in the blood changes and your bruise turns bluish-purple or even blackish. After 5 to 10 days, the bruise turns greenish or yellowish. Then, after 10 or 14 days, it turns yellowish-brown or light brown.

Bruises change colors over time in a predictable pattern, so that it is possible to estimate when an injury occurred by the color of the bruise. Initially, a bruise will be reddish, the color of the blood under the skin. After one to two days, the red blood cells begin to break down, and the bruise will darken to a blue or purplish color. This fades to green at about day six. Around the eighth or ninth day, the skin over the bruised area will have a brown or yellowish appearance, and it will gradually diminish back to its normal color.

notice how the bruise pattern also doesn't look like one would get from being grabbed. these may not even be bruises but a type of birthmark.

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Robert Wexler for Obama's VP

Short diary but Wexler made Ickes look like a tool during his questioning.  According to  MSNBC Ickes stormed out after Wexler responded.

Obama's representatives are framing it as conciliation for party unity, hillary's representatives are framing it as what helps her the most.

If someone finds the youtube of the Wexler/Ickes exchange let me know.

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