Someone Please Introduce the Obama Campaign to Snark/Ridicule/Humor

I'm sure the long time obama fans will tell me he ran the last week flawlessly.  Letting McCain define the issues only Obama is secretly using them as a trap to be sprung at an opportune time.
But evidence points to the contrary.

Let's take the Celebrity ad and race card as examples.

1.  turns out McCain was a maxxed out recepient from the Hilton family.

2.  Cindy McCain's biography and Paris Hilton's have more in common than Obama and anyone in the ad.

3.  Brittany spears actually shares political views with McCain.

4.  McCain is more of a movie/TV celebrity than obama, appearing in   "Wedding Crashers""24" etc..

5.   McCain did have a web ad with Obama's face on a 100$ bill.

Why is Obama the elitist when the McCain's need a private jet just "to get around arizona", have 10 homes including one with 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

where is the humor/ridicule in Obama's web only ads or TV ads?

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Why Obama's VP Must be one of these 4 to Win

A little background.  I started out as an Edwards supporter and then shifted to Obama.  Hillary was never a personal preference of mine and I donated to both the Edwards and Obama campaigns.

(Edwards could be on the list but only with a DNA test as he meets the criteria below - but I digress).

If Obama wants to win he must choose one of these four for VP.

Why do I say this.  

1. the assumption is that Obama nor his campaign seem particularly good or interested in going negative on McCain.

 In an environment where McCain will make the swiftboats and Rove look milquetoast, Obama can not simply pray low information voters who decide elections will figure it all out with smear and fear propagated by the MSM.  Obama needs someone to hit back hard, and preferably someone who can get under McCain's skin.

2.  Obama needs to get a "comfort" factor among the low information voters that are the swing block.  He can not afford to introduce the American people to his VP while still introducing himself.  

Who the heck is Chet Edwards?  (People forget a lot of raising peoples names for VP is for other reasons.  e.g. Eric Cantor will not be McCain's VP, Eric Cantor is the best fundraiser for the GOP is Jewish and by mentioning his name McCain can get some more cash.  Pelosi is mentioning Chet cause he covers Bush's district in Texas and Pelosi is trying to raise his profile to help him get re-elected or perhaps help him run for Senate.

3.  Obama needs to reassure voters either on the Economy or Foreign Policy or both.  I don't think he can afford the Sebelius/Kaine route which will do neither.

these are the most important 3 things for Obama.  Here is my ranking.

1. Hillary.
Hillary a familiar face with both strong economy and foreign policy credentials as PERCEIVED by swing voters.  (elections are perceptions).  While HRC is a DC figure, a woman and black are change and the Clinton policies on the economy are a big change from Bush/McCain trickle down economics.  She can go negative and delights in it calling it "the fun part".  Now that McCain has opened the door to "karl Rove's JV team" as the pundits call it, and McCain has said Obama needs to lighten up and have some fun,  I think HRC is the best strategic choice. I am firmly convince McCain's team is excluding the possibility of Hillary as VP and this would really shake things up.  The downside all the video clips of Hillary saying horrible things about Obama in the PRimary.

2. Clark
 Clark really pisses off McCain which is a big bonus and seemed delighted in tearing down McCain's military hyperbole.  Clark is a DC outsider never being an elected politician.  He's a general.  Michael Moore may not know about campaigns but he knows marketing and was a big Clark fan early on in 2004.  Down side, can clark handle campaigning. The upside, Clark only needs one mission - tear down McCain on military credentials and foreign policy.

3.  Biden
seemed the best debater.  Really improved.  People seem to like him.  If McCain brings up plagiarism than that opens up the Keating 5 scandal.  Might actually be a way for Obama to introduce the keating 5 and be innoculated.  Downside - the classic DC insider, but does seem to be able to take people down.

(you can see from this example, that on a logical basis if Biden is the choice than why not Hillary? Downsides are the same with fewer upsides.)

4. Richardson
This would depend on some kind of Western Strategy - OR really getting much more of the Hispanic vote. A likeable guy, but obviously prone to mistakes.  His CV qualifies him for president so even if he bombs the single VP debate it won't matter as much.  The only problem with Richardson is, who pounds McCain if it's him?  Than neither person on the ticket would seem particularly good at going negative.

(again if Richardson why not Hillary?  Unfortunately to swing voters a black and  female might be more acceptable than a black and hispanic)

Given what we have seen in the last week I don't think Obama can pick a second person to introduce to Americans.

Evidence that Obama is considering a DC person.  Why else is he not running against DC given Congress' popularity is 9%.  

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McCain's Own Mom Calls Paris Hilton Ad 'Stupid' - where's campaign?

Is the Obama campaign asleep at the wheel?

They can use all these gaffes from the McCain campaign in a funny/humorous way without belittling his campaign the way McCain has.

I'm really disappointed that "the nation of winers" and "mental recession" weren't tied around McCain's neck daily.  Everyone's heard Obama is muslim but almost no one knows McCain's economic guru's comments.

Now McCain's Mom is calling his son's ad "stupid" (with audio) yet his son calls it honorable and it's apparently one-third of their TV spending.

Someone needs to tell the Obama camp you can use humor and ridicule without seeming small.  I'd really like the campaign to talk about McCain's imported european calf skin $520 loafers and his wife's comments about needing a private jet "just to get around Arizona" - especially since the MSM is talking about Obama as out of touch.

Obama's campaign seems to forget the MSM is not about facts its about he said/she said narratives.  Cindy McCain, multimillionaire heiress is going to ride in a pace car at NASCAR this weekend...  I kid you not.  Someone should ask when's the last time Cindy has been in a car that she's actually driven?  I'm serious, Obama doesn't need to ask it but a high profile surrogate should.   Seriously, why not poke fun at Cindy McCain being driven in a NASCAR pace car?  Somehow Cindy and St. John are of the people, while Barack and Obama are elites....

Instead of a single swift boating incident we are having death by a thousand small swift canoes.

Listen to McCain's own mom calling the ad stupid. /roberta-mccain-chimes-in_n_116387.html

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Wes Clark, Hillary or Bust; Does Obama's Campaign Read the Nets?

Wes Clark needs no introduction on the internet, but at this point I can not see a single thing Kaine brings to the ticket.

My preference is not a sitting senator or congressperson.  I think running against DC is a very good thing.

I'd like very much to like Sebelius and on paper she looks great!  I'm just not sure if she would help with female voters.  (I do not want to hear from PUMAs ).

Clark has all the paper credentials, and seems to be able to get under McCain's skin...

I really want Obama to start taking on St. John and Clark seemed to enjoy doing it when he was given the chance....

Even though I'd prefer someone other than Hillary, she seems a lot better for Obama than Kaine.

And besides, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer".

I think the only way to get Hillary to work her hardest is to have her as VP

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Obama Launches McCain's "Low Road Express" website

more of this kind of stuff please.

check it out.  It has a couple of youtubes that are worth seeing.

How long till Obama launches an ad called "liar" to get free air time/web only?

I'd love to see Obama say "the only color McCain cares about is green from exxon mobile

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McCain and Brittany Spears have a lot in common

too funny...  Not that Paris Hilton is a modern day version of Cindy McCain, but both are  republicans who support bush with blind allegiance.

there's also that McCain and Bob Dole are both infatuated with Spears but we won't go there.

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McCain: "Without Issues, without solutions, without honesty"

why doesn't Obama drive a truck through the big gaping hole that McCain has created for himself as the angry and dishonest politician running nothing but attack ads?

McCain has released his 4th staight attack ad in a row, but Obama's camp has a good response. 008/07/30/1233519.aspx

On a day when major news organizations across the country are taking Senator McCain to task for a steady stream of false, negative attacks, his campaign has launched yet another," Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said. "Or, as some might say, `Oops! He did it again.'  Our dependence on foreign oil is one of the greatest challenges we face. In this election the American people have a real choice -- between Obama's plan to provide tax rebates to American families while creating a renewable energy economy in America that frees us from our dependence on foreign oil, and Senator McCain's plan to continue the same failed energy policies by handing out nearly $4 billion in tax breaks to oil companies while investing almost nothing in the new energy sources that represent our future

I think Obama should make a lot of mileage out of McCain as the bitter, grumpy, attacking dishonest politician if he wanted to..

He should call McCain "Without issues, without solutions, and without honesty"

I'm glad he reminded people at the town hall today that McCain has no new ideas and is just trying to scare people..  Also using "bush/McCain" frequently together is goood.

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Must Read Piece "Darth McCain"

An interesting firsthand report from a reporter on how McCain has changed from 2000.

Very interesting Star Wars comparisons of Anikan Skywalker to Darth analogy with McCain.

I've even heard Gibbs make the reference to McCain of 2000 no longer exists. w/little-left-of

One could argue that this transformation began in 2004, when he said nothing as the agents of the Republican Party tore down the war record of McCain's friend and fellow Vietnam hero, Sen. John Kerry, to smoldering rubble. Or perhaps it began when he agreed to give the commencement talk at Falwell's Liberty University in 2006. During the course of the Bush administration, McCain drew ever closer to the unpopular president, despite his early criticism of how the war was planned and his tax cuts in time of war. Now McCain seems hand-in-glove with Bush on the troop surge in Iraq and the need to retain Bush's tax cuts. In fact, McCain's tax plan does the president one better. If he were to win, McCain perhaps reasoned, he would do so in the fashion of his once rival. He would fashion himself into the GOP favorite, and was willing to pay the price.

Moreover, McCain increasingly seems like a man who, while breaking bread with the Christian right, is prone to holding grudges. Nowhere was that more apparent than in Columbus, Ohio, when Elizabeth Holmes from The Wall Street Journal tried to ask something, only to have McCain look right past her and say, "Who else has a question?" This had followed a couple of pieces in The Journal that Holmes had either written, co-written or contributed to that explored the anger of the McCain camp.

In many ways, that's what it comes down to, doesn't it? Anger. As we learned from Yoda. in "The Empire Strikes Back," the moment when one begins to act out of hate, instead of peace with the force as his ally, is precisely the moment when one begins down the path from Jedi to Sith. And there's no doubt that's what McCain has become--full of rage, particularly at the press left to cover him.

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Let's Hope Obama's Short List is a Head Fake

Let us all hope the short list of Kaine, Sebelius, Biden and Bayh is a head fake and that the actual VP is not going to be from that list.

If I had to pick it would be Sebelius.  Why?  The two most unpopular institutions are Bush and the Congress.  Picking someone not  equated with establishment is a good idea.  If you go check out the background of Sebelius and Kaine, you'll see that Sebelius' accomplishments are much more impressive (visit

If Obama does pick a sitting senator and it's not Webb it should be Hillary.

I am intrigued by The Page's post about how no one is surprised that neither Edwards nor Richardson are on the short list.

Personally, If I could make a short list it would be Webb, Clark, Edwards and Schweitzer.....

Bayh is like excitement anti-matter to Obama's excitement.  They could cancel each other out...

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Is Clinton Supporter Altman at the Enquirer Smearing Edwards?

Okay this issue with the National Enquirer - the one of bigfoot and space alien stories - and the Edwards "love" child has got me wondering is true or false?

Let's just look at the "reporting" on this.

The enquirer has not one single named source except it's own reporters and its own editor.  They say they filed a criminal complaint against the Beverly Hilton (not Edwards not a named security guard) - so what?  Anyone can file a criminal complaint.

Fox"news" claims to have found a security guard who was there.  A couple of weird things about this: 1) the guard again is unnamed and 2) there is NO REPORTER listed for the story only placement on their webpage.  Don't reporters want credit?,2933,3914 26,00.html

maybe I'm nuts but why isn't a Fox "reporter" listed as contributing this story?

In the end this is easy enough to confirm with a DNA test, but in the mean time everyone hears this story and if there ever was even a dim chance of Edwards as VP this ought to kill it.

The cynical side of me wonders whether Roger Altman a treasury secretary under Bill Clinton and longtime HillRaiser did this back in October of 2007 and now just to help out the Clintons... ted-clinton-ii-crew-lines-early

To make it even weirder, another blogger says that the very same night in question was the TV Media Critics meeting at the same hotel and that the hospitality suite for their meeting was right next to the room in question...

As Daily News TV critic Ellen Gray informed us from the Television Critics Association summer press tour, what makes the Beverly Hilton choice even more bizarre is that the place was crawling with reporters Monday night for the TCA, including newspaper people from the New York Times, USA Today the New York Daily News, the Washington Post, and us. But no one but the National Enquirer seemed to spot John Edwards. Ah, it's a big hotel, you say. True, but the Enquirer says Hunter/Edwards friend Bob McGovern reserved rooms 246 and 252 at the Hilton. The TCA hospitality suite was down the hall in Room 234. Tattle's not saying it's not true - and Edwards may soon be issuing tearful mea culpas - we're just saying that if Edwards chose to have a liaison in a hotel hosting a press event, he's an idiot.

wouldn't someone else more credible than the National Enquirer have seen this?

Note: for those who are comprehension challenged this posting does not claim any involvement of the Clintons in this

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