Bush picked Harriet Myers; McCain picks Palin- she's no Hillary

I know what Hillary Clinton stands for, I know what Hillary Clinton has been through.

I know Hillary Clinton, Sara Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

This pick is just like Bush trying to replace a female supreme court member with Harriet Myers.

We really do need Hillary out there.

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Hillary we need you to attack Palin plus video

I heard a clip of Palin's speech at the VP announcement; complete and utter pander to Hillary's voters....

Despite the fact she stands against everything Hillary stands for.

Obama and Biden can't do it, we need Hillary to expose how utterly unprepared she is.

In this video she doesn't even know what the VP does.

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'McCain is Stuck in the Past' should be the Talking point, rebuts POW card

Why do I think this meta-narrative is useful?

let's think of all the things that should be talking points.

1.  McSame is out of touch  (usually out of touch means either mega rich and/or sheltered from the world - like not knowing what a supermarket scanner is).

2.  McSame is the same as the last president, Bush.  (the past).

3.  McCains answer to everything is something that happened 40 years ago
(stuck in the past).

While Warner's speech sucked, he did try to talk about the past versus the future.

And referring to McCain as stuck in the past also gently and subliminally rebuts the McCain  POW card as something that happened in the past.  By bringing up something in the past, it reinforces the memo.

maybe since McCain's detention affected his evolution of musical tastes (i.e. ABBA) it also explains why his views of women also stopped evolving in 1967.

also check this out Prisoner of W (with a george bush W logo) and the embrace.

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click here: Line of the Convention (Casey)

Casey just had what might be the line of the convention and a wonderful way to combat the media spin of the maverick.

to paraphrase:

"John McCain votes 95% of the time with Bush, that's not a maverick that's a sidekick".

if I get a video I'll update it.

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Will Mark Warner even Mention McCain?

I know this is not much of a diary, but will I be reasonable if I'm pissed off if Mark Warner doesn't even mention "McCain"?

Truly what if Warner never even mentions "McCain" once?

We know the first night Lieberman will call Obama "unfit" to be president and Giuliani will call Obama a traiterous muslim.

why would Obama schedule someone for the only hour of broadcast TV who won't even mention "McCain"?

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I'll Donate to Hillary if she Rips McCain Tonight

the easiest way Hillary could retire her debt is to rip into McCain/Bush and link them together.

Carville was on CNN and was a bit disappointed that they gave Bush/McCain a pass on the first night.   I don't mind giving McCain/Bush a pass on the first night - afterall they couldn't have Michelle do the dirty work.

But Carville is right, if the convention does not link Bush=McCain and really go after McCain the rest of the convention it will be a loss.  Does anyone think the GOP convention will not be negative from day one?

Carville said something interesting to paraphrase "john McCain wants to privatize social security so that people could have invested their life savings in subprime mortgages"....

I'm hearing that Warner will NOT go after McCain or Bush.  That will be a mistake.

Carville gave that as an example of something they should pound McCain on.

I will give 10$ everytime Hillary says "Bush/McCain" together to link them. And 10$ everytime she rips McCain..

Anyhow, I've always thought if Hillary wanted help retiring her debt she should rip into McCain.  If she does I'll donate.

Watch Begala say the best way to unite the party is to emphasize the external threat Bush/McCain

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Margaret Thatcher's Dementia Started at 75; McCain is 72

margaret thatcher's daughter has said that she first new something was wrong with her mom's memory when she confused the 1982 Falklands war with the 1990's Bosnian war.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/25 /margaret-thatcher-sufferi_n_121133.html

Margaret Thatcher's daughter says she first realized that her mother was having memory problems when the former prime minister struggled to distinguish between the 1982 Falklands War and the conflict in Bosnia.

In an excerpt from her memoir, due to be published next month, Carol Thatcher charts her mother's decline _ and describes the day in 2000 that she first understood her mother was being robbed of her memory.

"I couldn't believe it," Carol said in a selection published by The Mail on Sunday. "She was in her 75th year, but I had always thought of her as ageless, timeless and 100 percent cast-iron damage-proof."

McCain confuses Sunni and Shiites.

Referes to Checkoslavakia which hasn't existed for 15 years.

Now can't remember how many houses he owns.

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Obama's Should Be response to McCain's Hillary Love

I'm getting kind of pissed off that obama's team doesn't make a web video to expose
McCain's so called connection to Hillary voters.

Here's a prime example of McCain's women supporters.

(referring to Hillary)

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Obama/Biden: 2 People 2 Houses

Barnackel on MSNBC says Obama/Biden campaign can go around the country campaigning with the slogan "2 people, 2 houses".

On open secrets they have Biden as the poorest senator with a negative net worth... check it out.

http://www.opensecrets.org/pfds/overview .php?type=W&year=2006&filter=S&a mp;sort=A

I'm really hoping Romney is the pick.  Can you imagine the fun with  
that ticket and houses?

check out Jedreport's latest masterpiece..

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Obama Wait Until Sunday to Announce

I kind of hope Obama waits until sunday to announce his VP choice.

Obama's ad called "Country Club Republicans" is even better than the first.

And they rightly put the image of bush and McCain riding around in a golf cart in it.


Too bad the convention is coming up because they could ride this for a week.  Particularly when we've learned that the McCains spend nearly 300,000$ a year on servants.

If I were a highly paid DC hack consultant I would wait until Sunday to announce to make sure the Sunday shows go thoroughly over McCain's grocery scanner moment.

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