Progressives Tell Obama Talk to Moderates Beholden to Insurance Companies

You should really watch this video...  The Progressive minded Dems are finally getting the talking point that mandating private insurance with no cost controls or public option is insanity: it will not control costs or reduce the deficit..  The progressives are also finally saying you don't need 60 votes only 50 in the senate.

Here's Representative Ellison on CNN. His is the one to watch, makes almost all the good points.  Unfortunately CNN's embed doesn't work on this site. s/2009/09/06/sotu.ellison.last.word.cnn

In an interview on CNN's State of the Union, Rep. Keith Ellison laid down the battle lines for President Barack Obama, whose White House is wedged in the middle between conservative Senate Democrats and the conservative House Blue Dog Coalition and liberal House Democrats."Why should the liberals always cave?" Ellison said when confronted with the prospect that Obama might ask the liberal members of the party to compromise. Asked what he would like for the president to say Wednesday in a joint address to Congress that will focus on health care, Ellison stuck to his guns. "He could say, 'You know what, the public option is essential to reform.' He could say that a public option is the only thing that's going to hold insurance premiums down. . . . He could say that a public option with a large provider network is going to help promote better medical practices based on evidence. So, I'm hoping that he understands the essentiality of the public option."

Here's Maxine Waters on This Week emphasizing that the Progressives are only helping Obama get what he campaigned for. She also unprompted brings up budget reconcilliation.

Here's a piece urging Progressives to "kill" any bill that has mandates and no public option. house-progressives-should-kill-healthcar e-reform-if-theres-no-public-option

A no-public-option bill would mandate that every American buy health insurance while ensuring skyrocketing premiums. What sane politician would vote for a bill like that?

The public option is essential to the success of the reforms - not merely for political reasons, but for fundamental policy reasons.

Simply put, if you want other reforms like elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions, you need a public option because:

     * Reforms such as eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions only work if you have an individual mandate.
      * If you have an individual mandate, rates will skyrocket unless you have a public option to provide competition (or rate controls, which aren't even on the table).

The Chris Matthews Show finally had a guest on that pointed out that the first electoral victims of no health care reform are the blue dogs.. to paraphrase Tweety said "congresspeople from New York and LA aren't going to lose their seats"..

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are we at a tipping point?

or will progressives cave yet again?

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