Last Chance To Stiffen Progressive Spines on Public Option

Obama certainly gave a great speech about healthcare and was even lucky enough to have Joe Wilson embody what's left of the Republican Party: rude, crude, white male and southern.

We all know this is coming down to the end game.  Is Harry Reid going to give up his seat by giving Nevadans the Baucus-Faucus Health Insurance Entitlement plan?  Or would he get a public option through the senate by reconciliation or other means and actually get some netroots support?

Anyhow, this is the last chance to have some impact.  Call your members of Congress and let them know. State.shtml

Also, although a bunch of us gave money through actblue to "they took the pledge" for the public option - many of them seem pretty weak on the issue.

This is the preferred list of more robust supporters. roes

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