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    I know this is not in your consciousness, and it is necessary to challenge the CW everywhere as you are doing here.  But the truth, that it is my burden to point out to you repeatedly, is that John Kerry likely won the election in Ohio and in New Mexico, and in several other states did much better than the accepted totals reported.  When we are looking for the truth in order to make our assumptions about the next election more accurate, we must not overlook the elephant in the room either.

  • You are being way too kind.  You are bending over backwards to explain the nationwide media meltdown as a benign development -- having to do with some sort of "mistaken"  thinking among the executives.
    It's actually sweet of you to assume a benign error accounts for the incessant dumbing down of media that has been going on for years. In doing so you are ignoring the hold that the right wing, military-industrial complex forces have on our society.  
    They own the airways and they are doing exactly what they want to do.  They are severly limiting
    the options and the information available to its citizens.  They are holding power.  They allow no citizen comment of any depth, as they did just a few years ago.  They are belittling Democratic spokesmen.  They are turning the people away from the media in droves.
    That serves the purpose of not allowing it to be used to challenge the authority of corporations, or to change the script.
    When, especially since the 2006 election, the major media did not change it's right wing mantra, it became appropriate to ask the obvious question: Who benefits?
    The powers that be.  The Halliburtons? the General Electrics? the Carlyle Group? Exxon Mobil? Chrevron?
    The right wing voice has been very strong in pressuring media executives.  Are they afraid?
    Or do they agree?
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    I am very uneasy about this move of yours.
    It is my view that in focusing as you did in the period leading up to the elections in 2006, you and Chris Bowers were enormously successful at moving the bar of the Democratic Party.  To me, I believe that in concert with Kos, the two of you pushed it perhaps more than you know in the direction of real Democratic values and you were the embodiment of a real Democratic voice.  This was a sea change.  I can't tell you how important the work has been.  And that has been your energy within the Democratic Party frame -- assuming the mantle therein from those who have so solidly sold us out.  And those who will continue to sell us out unless we continue to pressure them and push further where you started.   So I am uneasy about your move.  
    Of course, we all wish you well.... But I am frightened that we will miss the beat ... that there will be a deafening pause ...
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    This is exactly right.

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    What about if you wrote as if you were writing a post on mydd --with all of the strength and self confidence and intellectual clarity that are in you daily writing -- then added an anecdote if you want for the beginning and/or end?
    Speaking is aweful, bu the self-consiousness is the only barrier, I suppose.
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    I'd say, if you were a student of Tom Friedman, and you gave that speech, and he was in the room,
    then you did say the things that you wished you had said-- you did it in a subtler way, but subtle can be stronger sometimes.
     We were betrayed. The movement has come alive to repudiate the betrayers and we are already powerful.
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    I am heartbroken about this sellout to the corporate interests who have become bolder and bolder in robbing us, destroying our land, our food, our water and our air. They brought back slavery. They destroyed our labor base. They poison people. They destroy communities.  They murder us.  They subvert our treasury to fraudulantly charge us for drugs and for weapons that are killing us. They prevent any improvement to our health care system.  They prevent us from cleaning up the air in our own county. No oversight. And Pelosi and Rangel sold us all out to these people today--these people who should be imprisoned.  And without allowing any of these issues to be brought up in debate.  I am heartsick, and very depressed.  I think it means that we have lost our country.

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    I am really hoping that you don't get too snarky--
     and that you let it go all together after this post.
      Your primary audience is not questioning and criticizing you.  If you really let it get to you, you are reacting to the fringe.
     Keep the rest of us in mind.
    We have enough trouble with the MSM reacting to one fringe view after another and losing sight of the reality -- the vast majority of us now are on the same page.  But the MSM is nowhere near -- they are off on a fringe, distorting reality as best they can.
    Perhaps this post shows that you can see how that happens.
    You are right on and seeing clearly.  Keep doing it, please ...
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    Investigate the hell out of the DNC hire!  Who is behind it, who sponsors her, who supports her?
    Is it the Carville wing of the party, the so-called DLC perhaps, setting it up to short-circuit the Populists. Is it some wealthy donors who are connected through her PR firm?  And why?   We have to pressure for answers, and pressure for her to step down too.  The organizers of the Convention and the spokespeople have to be acceptable to all of us.
    No games, setting up some kind of stealthy control by the manipulators.  The 2004 Kerry convention was the worst I have ever seen.  It was so phoney I could not bear to watch it.  They allowed no subject matter to be included.
    That was probably the last straw of outrage for some of us.

    On Imus, I am thrilled.  It also shows how removed from reality are the talking heads in D.C. who jumped to his defense.  They blame Media Matters and Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but Media Matters and Sharpton go on all day long and no one listens to them.  The energy for this came from somewhere else all together.  I think the people will simply not take it any more.  The others must be shaking in their boots.
    It's a great day.

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    As an election integrity activist in California, and an active reader of mydd, I came to respect your tendency to ignore voter fraud issues as I came to appreciate the effectiveness of your focus on building a progressive force in the Democratic Party.  I think that you have been enormously effective at mydd at turning things around and creating an effective and dependable progressive voice in this country. That is of course huge.
    My explanation to myself is that in order to build a new positive progressive force, you had to set aside charges of electoral fraud that were negative framing and confusing to deal with.
    However, when you look at polls that called a Kerry victory, you are cheating yourself and all of us when you discount them.  Drinking the Kool Aid on this issue will keep you making assumptions based on false conclusions.  
    Recent events in Ohio give us hope that we will have more proof of malfeasance in the near future, although there is plenty of proof already that over a hundred thousand votes were not even counted. Two people were sentenced to prison for rigging the recount.
    And of course malfeasance was not limited to Ohio.
    There is no question but that John Kerry won the election in 2004.  If you have other criticisms of Zogby, they may stand on their merits.  But of course he was right on 2004.
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    Congratulations, Matt.  I think you started this campaign by saying WTF.  Following through, you were joined by others.  It is a significant beginning that (astoundingly) no one has had the courage for until now.
    Thank you for standing up and starting it off.
    Like Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus, it is a most significant beginning for the struggle ahead.
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    My rant to Harry Reid.  (I'll send it to Hillary Clinton as well, with some thoughts about her candidacy.)

    There is no more virulent and destructive enemy of Democrats and the Democratic Party and democratic values than Senator Lieberman.
     I cannot understand why you give him and his  DLC gang the power to destroy us.  And you do give it to him.  He is not a Democrat.  He was defeated in a primary election.  Some of you helped to keep him in office so he could continue undermine everything we stand for.  You are living in a bubble.  The bubble wants to keep the war makers in power.
     As a Jew in retirement age, I do not support the DLC-AIPAC world view and the stranglehold they have that keeps you from standing up for sanity, for peace, for our highest ideals.   I am horrified that you are propping them up, and signing on to their anti-democratic belligerence.
     How can you support someone like Lieberman who shows not the slightest respect for you, or for any of us?
    I want to ask you to publically apologize to all Democrats for letting Lieberman give a Democratic address today.  Publically apologize to us for this insult.

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    I am broken-hearted about this -- about Lieberman speaking and the rest of it too.  I will write a letter to Harry Reid.

    But I read your post here hoping that you would suggest action.  And I found the question at the end about how to proceed.  It's a big deal.

    We have to take some smart and fast and sustained action. The DLC has the media sewed up and they keep trying to create their own reality.  Which of course has no relationship to poll results on any issue.  I am amazed actually that they keep holding to their false world view.

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    Someone over at Daily Kos called for all of the Democratic candidates to stand together on this stuff.  I think that's a good idea.
     The Republicans have been working the Press like ventriloquist dummies on this gambit for a long time.  It will take a lot to turn it around but of course it is essential that we do it.
    It is heartening to remember that despite all of it, we won the election. Nancy Pelosi had a brilliant 100 days.  Washington hadn't seen a success like that in a long time. And the polls consistently favor Democratic positions by wide margins.  That is solid support.  The American people are smarter and more moral than the Republican big mouths on TV.  Shame might work.
    We have to have spokesmen strong enough to consistently discredit these voices--and to mean it.  I said earlier this week that many times when they attacked Clinton, especially during election campaigns, he was able to slither out of it by using his own personal charm.
     We need a smart, clever, coordinated strategy that takes the Republicans, as well as the in-bred TV pundits, by surprise (like Clinton used to with his charm) -- and gets people laughing at them.  The Republig's now are held in such low esteem by the general public.  So many criminals ... so many scandals, even without the help of any media build-up, what does get through has horrified people.
    Stewart and Colbert help of course, as well as Letterman.  But we need louder voices ...
    Pelosi should have another 100 days every couple of months-- and leave the Republig's out of it again.
    Get more done, and then invite them back in to stall and destroy everything.  Then another 100 days again to show them what we can do.  That would get and keep people's attention.


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