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    Way too many words, you're tripping all over your critique.  I do like the enthusiasm though.

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    " It's important that she not eclipse him and let him shine on his own." --Charles Lemos

    I guess its Burka wearing time Mrs. Clinton.  Your own special Clintonized  Miranda warning have been issued by Lemos, you know how it goes:  You do not have the right to speak. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion....

    Alas Timothy Guithner's[sp] star power has little to do with Clinton and more to do with Guithner's[sp] own ability to keep the US financial system viable enough to continue attracting foreign investment. America's fate does not rest on duck taping Clinton but on the health of the dollar.

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    So much for the dynasty argument used to bludgeon Hillary in the primary. Obama's Palace Progressives are just amazing.

  • Clinton for Secretary of State

    Upside for Clinton:
    1) If for any reason a President Obama cannot or chooses not to run for a second term, she is well placed to jump into 2012.

    2) The economy is uncertain may not revive sufficiently for voters in 2012. Taking SoS dealing with foreign issues keeps Clinton away from indirect blame. It can serve as a relatively safe port in an economic storm.

    3) As a junior senator she is currently being shut out from any key roles, Chairmanships or otherwise that would allow her to be effective in the domestic arena. So she might as well go global. In addition, if it all goes wrong from an economic point of view, she is shielded from being a member of a do nothing Democratic Congress.

    Downside for Clinton:
    1) Obama is manipulative and prone to use strong human shields like Rahm Emanuel to deflect from the fallout of unpopular choices. Hillary Clinton would be the ultimate human shield for Barack Obama taking flack for foreign policy missteps even when not of her own making.

    2) Obama could downgrade the role of Secretary of State using it as a public relations front rather like Cheyney did with Condoleeza Rice for a while.

    3) Although Hillary Clinton could always resign, she would be locked in an Obama Cabinet. She should look at what happened in Britain to Gordon Brown's chief rival, David Miliband whom Brown gave the role of the British version of Secretary of State. Miliband has been effectively sidelined, as Brown tends to do his own diplomacy anyway. Hillary Clinton would have to watch being subtly sidelined by Obama, Biden, NSC and a handful of Special Envoys that Obama could appoint.

    I hope she does not accept it and sits quietly in the Senate working on behalf of New York.  If she does accept she takes a gamble, but hopefully it will be a well calculated risk that the Secretary of State role will keep her out of the way of an economic storm. I suspect it will still be the economy stupid, even in 2012.

  • Oh, I don't know, I kinda want to think now, all by myself, unaided by the neo big brother aka You Tube. By the way, you sound like you're offering an anaesthetic[sp] or pain killer, just take two of these and it'll all go away! Why you won't even remember Iraq and that happy band of liars that made it all possible. That was then, this is now, there are other stories now, better, newer ones! Thanks but no thanks.

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    At a rally Sunday afternoon in Fayetteville, NC, Obama responded: "I am beyond honored and deeply humbled to have the support of General Colin Powell."

    My, my, What a gusher! Beyond honored eh? And deeply humbled too?    I guess even principles are going the way of credit default swaps. Yup, lets slice and dice Iraq, especially when America's favorite storyteller, Powell, gets converted into principled Obama validator.  Let's drench ourselves in delusion shall we? Afterall, what's left?

  • This diary is sinister and utterly compromising to Obama and Democrats.

  • Oh well, let's see, how about the great cloud of silence over anything to do with the Clinton Administration, curious really, since we are in difficult economic times and Clinton is particularly remembered for the economy and ensuing prosperity. When Bill Clinton's name is mentioned by Obama it is almost rather grudging, if at all.

    Barack Obama also cleverly rode the MSM's hatred of all things Clinton, and has not stopped riding the wave until recently, finally noticing the increasing collateral effect roiling the party's Clinton supporters. Today was the first time there has been a concerted effort on Obama's behalf to send surrogates out to quiet the media crazies. Today, there was clearly an across the board effort to cool things down on behalf of DNC and Obama surrogates beginning this morning with Axelrod on Morning Joe. As a Clinton supporter it was a welcome move, on Obama's part but much Democratic family support has come a little late and not without the foot stamping of Bill Clinton.  Olbermann and Co hated the sudden outbreak of peace and Democrat family unity, they looked puzzled that Obama should try to quell the usual Clinton tongue lashing, finally Obama has had to choose between letting the media destroy the Democratic party or quieting the media fray by refusing to fuel the fire or at least stand by while it raged. Its amazing how a few days of unimpressive poll numbers can concentrate everyone's mind on what is at stake. Obama's demonstrated unity specifically by refusing to stand silently by while the Clintons are bashed in the MSM on Obama's behalf by Mika et. al., may yet lower the hurdle enabling many to support him.

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    Finally, Obama and the DNC is learning that they cannot kill the Clinton beast by letting MSNBC inflict death by a thousands cuts. MSNBC is making a hash of the Clinton hit job anyway, and the blood stains are spattering all over the DNC and the Obama campaign.

    Making nice to the Clintons is a start. Now Mr. Obama hold your nose, walk over to the telephone and call Bill up. Make some nice small talk about how the campaign is going, bitch a little about the MSM and then go and see him in Chappaqua--heck you managed to visit the Great Betrayer Colin Powell whose word greased the way to war. After a Chappaqua visit you will probably never have to visit with Bill Clinton ever again. Although you never know, life has a way of throwing strange curve balls, one dark lonely night in the White House, when things aren't going as well as you hoped, you might need to hear from someone whose been there.

  • Oh well, back to bad Clinton for Obama supporters!

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    "There is a restless empty feeling out there for many."--Scotch

    Could not agree with you more.

    Unlike 1992 and Bill Clinton there is no organic feeling, no groundswell of excitement, no buzz in his ideas and policies. It all seems so MSM manufactured, with Obama shouting platitudes with that monotone boom box voice set permanently on "loud" and "extra base." There is no variation in Obama's voice, his message sounds so impersonal. Outside of his core group, people are curiously underwhelmed.

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    How true. Spot on.

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    The fact that people can't seem to let go of the Clintons (afterall why are we still talking about this? ) is fascinating to me. Even now on CNN, MSNBC, etc., they are mining them Clinton angles like a nearly done strip coal mine. Do we really have to front page the VP/Clinton angle after its been diaried to death?  Why can't we focus on Obama's policies or something Obama-related?

    I continue to believe Hillary will be on the ticket. Too many voting blocs, from Jewish (the feedback on his Aipac reception  is instructive, not to mention Feinstein and Schumer openly advocating Hillary) and Hispanic voters, not too mention older women, are not fully comfortable with Obama, and this is before the Republican's try to define him as some exotic closet left wing radical and an economic Robin Hood who plans to gut the treasury. The Republican attack machine is remarkably silent right now, which is rather disconcerting.

    I find it interesting that both Jesse Jackson and Rangel are still nervous enough for Obama to suggest Hillary Clinton as VP. Either that or they are not sure about his agenda. Obama is an immature an politician because he has allowed himself the luxury of being way too in thrall to the I-hate-Clinton wing of the Democratic party establishment. Too in hock to Kennedy, Pelosi, Daschle. A prince-in-waiting too apt to listen to  courtiers whispering in his ears. Why can't he just show some independence and pick up the phone and call Bill Clinton? Or invite Clinton to his home for dinner? Trust me, when the economic shit hits the fan in office he will need Clinton counsel as much as Pelosi. If anything should have taught Obama from watching the primaries unfold is that there are no permanent friends in politics. Jesse Jackson and Rangel sense the dangerous road ahead. Unlike many of his supporters, Obama does not have the luxury of disliking the Clintons but he does not know it yet. Hillary will be VP on the ticket, Obama just doesn't know this yet either.

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    From what I understand Chelsea is not particularly keen on the political arena and was only driven to campaign on behalf of her mother when she saw the beating her mother was taking on the trail. In other words she was driven purely by the ties of a daughter for her mother.

    After witnessing what her mother and father have been through, I think if Chelsea wants a political career she will do it on her on terms. Bill and Hillary have already sacrificed enough, I don't think Chelsea is obliged to do anything. Don't forget he already has Caroline Kennedy helping out.

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    "I'm with James Clyburn, the House of Representatives majority whip who said: "At some point, she needs to congratulate the man for having won. Those kinds of things are important to us who grew up in the South with these kinds of slights. That speech cannot be seen as anything but a slight." '--aappundit

    Oh please, you and Clyburn get over yourselves already. The Hispanics are right at your heels and will stamp out this lop-sided advantage in the near future. Don't forget even Obama has to turn West in search of more votes. You and Clyburn have maxed out the race thing and let's face it, even Obama is not listening to you.

    Its funny that you and Clyburn only have the stomach to fight fellow Democrats like Bill Clinton, one of the few presidents who raised African American living standards. You show less intensity and anger against George Bush who has reduced African American gains virtual economic rubble; to foreclosures, bankruptcy, worsening child mortality and ill health. You can't even tell  your enemies from your allies I feel sorry for you.


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