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    Yes, it seems he "renounced" his Israeli citizenship when he was 18 according snippets I am now reading. Sorry. His name is spelled with one m, not two. Sorry again.

    But...are you saying the people who maintain military equipment in a war area are not soldiers?....Well, I guess you could say that.

    And I guess, according to the reports he did not fight anyone during that war on a physical level. But, generally when someone goes into a battleground, working with the army...and Israel was a battleground during the first gulf war, they general are referred to people who fought in a war.

    Lots of soldiers. civilian volunteers and today, contractors would be upset if they were separated from other so called combatants as having not fought in a war because they merely filled up the gas tanks of the personnel carrier or loaded the bombs on to the planes.

    According to what i have read his father was a member of Irgun. And were are considered a terrorist group. Emanuel is not a member of Irgun, he is not his father.

    But I cannot imagine a chief of staff with a complimentary Arab background being allowed to maintain that position for more than 2 hours.

    1). Father was a member of a terrorist group
    2). Chief of staff was a citizen of an Arab country
    3) Chief of staff volunteered as a civilian to aide an Arab armed force.

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    Al Jazeera is a very conservative media source. Where people ever got the idea that it's "radical" is beyond me.

    Rahm Emmanuel is an Israeli Citizen who fought, not for the United States during the first so called Gulf "War" but for Israel.

    That might give you an idea about the one sidedness of news coverage.

    Can you imagine a Saudi Citizen as the presidents chief of staff?

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    Renew the energy.

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    Bayh and Hilliary are singing the praises of Bush. They don't want investigations or criticisms of the politicies that Bush has begun.

    Sounds like the Dumbocrats are the Republicans only on steroids.

    They want to show they are toughter than Bush , just like Bush wants to prove he is toughter than his dad.

    So why worry about what YOU want. Dumbocrats want more and better war.

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    This scandal looks to be as big as the profumo scandal about which movies will be made. It's got it all for hollywood and gossip shows, sex, money, kinky sex, more money.

    Of course eveyone is saying the Porter hired by the President to be Cia Chief had nothing to do with it....it was his aides.

    The problem with Washington is the politicians are all very honest people. It's their aides that are corrupt. We have an aides crisis on our hands. Aides are notorious for their corruption and the smearing of those who they work for.


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