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    My main concern  is the safety of our drones. These incredible machines do the work of our brave young fighting men or women, protecting them day in and day out from the heat of battle.

    Two days ago one of our drones was shot down in Afghanistan. There was almost no reporting done onb this tragic event.

    There are no parades, no ceremony, there is no funeral, there are no letters or medals that are awarded our drones.

    They just do their job. And some of them never make it back. They are regarded as "things".

    They are not things, they are drones- and whether they are made out of metal or flesh, shouldn't matter. They are protecting our soldiers from AL Queda.

    We need to raise our conciousness about them. Some of them need a little more oil, or a paint job, or just a name emblazoned across their nose. Anything anyone here can donate to extend the life of these fantastic creations would be appreciated, I'm sure by the drone community.

    It could make all the difference in the world.

    Save our drones.

    You might as well start laughing. Because the absurdity of these "wars" against people who live in villages and wonder what the hell are they bombing us for is beyond any level of stupidity I can think of.

  • They don't need to "produce" them they have 10 million stocked piled that's about 20 million arms and legs blown off to fight imaginary enemies in villages.

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    Is there a land mine lobby?

    When Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan to fight imaginary enemies, I guess they will need those land mines.

    The idea of being "dissapointed" makes me nauseas.

  • Um?

    There has been, there may be...it doesn't apply only to America. All soliders are not American soldiers.

    Many nations have mandatory service....those people have choices.

    Um....the whole world is not um....America...there are other nations in the world too. They have a draft and they have soldiers.

  • Sure you have a choice. You can evade the draft, you can go to jail, you can join up...there are choices. That's 3 choices so far.

    People are not owned by governments. But if you think you are,  then you believe you have no choice but to do what those in authority tells you.

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    All world leaders thoughout history have been war criminals or just criminals. Being a world leader is one of the lowest forms of human expression throughout history. T

    The purpose of world leaders is to keep people down, confused and unaware. That's human history.

    Soldiers are people who get used. That's what they are for. All the hoopla about remembering them, cherishing them, calling them "brave young fighting men and women" has become so automatic that no one questions what the hell solidiers have been doing throughout human history.

    At the behest, entrapment and under the hypnosis of their "leaders" they have kept humanity from developing awareness and injured the psyche of generation after generation and given those generations an psychic inheritance that borders on psychosis.

    War is for dumb people. It's instituted by dumb people....world leaders and executed by dumb people.

    We have all been made dumber by war and it's affectation of "glory".

  • He hasn't changed his hairstyle since 8th grade. His hair worked for him then,  and it's working now. He's a good boy.

    If ever there was the appearance of a self made man it's this MAN...DUG Hoffman.

    Just look at the character in his face. He's been through so much. The agony, the ecstasy, hard times, good times, bad times, cruel times.

    He's ventured into the unknown, a fearless warrior and always come back with the prize.

    He likes cars. Big cars with Big engines, that take him where he wants to go and FAST.

    Doug knows where he's been and where he's going. He's a MAN.

    Just look at him....but don't sneak up on him a say ...


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    There is no such thing as an equal opportunity depression.

    That is to say that depressions occur in specific areas and grow or shrivel.

    Today in America they are growing like so many spores of mold all over the country, but at the neighborhood level first and then consuming entire cities or regions.

    And why is this happening?

    There are a number of reasons. Most recently it is simply becuase the ultra wealthy are stealing the wealth of the less wealthy and that would include the rich, middle class and poor.

    This is a government clearly run by select corporations. They are clearly in control.

    They are using deception to govern. There will be no public option...the rumours of a public option are created to dampen any protest.

    There will be an increase in the amount of troops in Afghanistan.

    Talk of "troop withdrawal" should be recognized by the American population as endless. Troop withdrawal talk has been going since the wars in the mideast began.

    War is now something that is "stylish". It's "in".

    Deception in now the way of governance. People are regarded as objects to be manipulated by those in control.

    This is a world wide phenomenon.

  • I think Obama's protestations are a ruse. He needs to make it look like he's opposing the insurance industry for public perception, when in fact he's promoting their cause.

    Same with Afghanistan.

    It's very perverse and the level to which thing have sunk.

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    I agree.

    The politics of this era is one that is built on the idea that the voting public are objects to be manipulated.

    The whole idea with health care and the Afghan increase is to make it appear one way, whereas, the plan, already decided is the exact opposite.

    Obama makes it look like he's reluctant to send troops. McChrystal complains about the delay, "the president is being pressured" by the military...it's a play...intended to confuse you.

    The same with health care and Obama's pretentious attempts to make it appear that he's fighting the insurance industry....(his greatest fountain of funding)...while already having decided to pass a health care bill that takes care of the health of the insurance industry, not the public.

    This is very perverse stuff. It's rampant, it's all over. It's part of the reason why the "left" is so RIGHT. The left is increasingly being funded by the right...that's one reason the earth below your feet moves and suddenly you find yourself in a different position without realizing it.

    Now where else in the world would people protest free government health care.

    It's a testament to manipulation and a testament to the decadent psychological "sophistication"  that's being employed.

  • I have no control over that.

  • I'm not trying to convert anyone or win an argument. Simply expressing myself.

    I understand you feel I'm discredited in your eyes.

    It doesn't interest me.

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    I'm qualified.

    The Key to understanding Obama's psychology is to understand his relationship with Lolo. That's his indonesian father who told him to stay away from the weak and side with the strong, otherwise you become one of the weak, Lolo said.

    Obama has had a number of fathers. He saw his grandfather as a weak man.

    Power is a major theme throughout his life. But he doesn't really know how to use power, only to associate himself with power.

    That's one reason why not much is being done, one way or the other. He's simply going with the flow.

    And the flow is to the right.

    And he's kept the entire Bush Pentagon.

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    There is something very perverse going on.

    Obama pretends to be challenging the insurace industry and pretends to resist sending troops to Afghanistan...all for public consumption while in fact his plan all along is to present a health plan that benefits the insurance industry and increases the amount of troops.

    This is a kind of psychological warfare...it's the way things are done today politically.

    You must have noticed during Bush's tenure that we would often hear one week, that a large troop withdrawal was imminent, then the next week that more troops were being sent, then the next week a report on troop withdrawal, then more troops were actually sent.

    What this does is DISARM those who oppose troop increases, they get confused, the mixed messages literally keep anyone from acting.

    The populace is seen by today's politician as objects to be manipulated.

    It's a show.

    The Rolling Stones, any large entertainment group employ the same tricks in prepping an audience.

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    I'm part of the "loony left" whatever "left" means.

    I tried to explain years ago that Obama was a conservative, free market, pro war candidate. I tried to explain that, he in fact,  said he was.

    He said he was "pro Israel, period". He said he loved the free market, he said he would send more troops to Afghanistan... and ...I'm sorry, he took what clearly appears to be a bribe for future undefined favors from Tony Rezko in the purchase of his home in Hyde Park Chicago. I live in Chicago...and until very recently, real estate was one of the more popular forms of bribery throughout the nation for politicians. It looks clean. You buy a house for 300K that's worth 1 million from someone who seeks a favor, someday. That's not the Rezko scenario exactly.

    Obama will always side with whoever he perceives  to be strong...and that will always be the military over civilians.

    I spoke to Don Rose (David Axelrod's alleged "mentor") who agreed with me that Obama is essientially "cold blooded".

    Obama as a person lack a strong emotional  component. He appears to very shallow emotionally. He doesn't feel much of anything at a deep level.

    I'm not shocked, he's worse than I thought he was when I thought he was worse than I thought he was. This could go on.



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