NY-26 Jack Davis, Reynolds' opponent, speaks out

Rep. Tom Reynolds (NY-26) is the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and one of the people who knew about Mark Foley's emails to 16 year old Congressional interns before they were made public.  Reynolds is locked in a tight race with Democratic-Working Families Party candidate Jack Davis.

Here's a statement from the Davis campaign's Communications Director Curtis Ellis:

"No issue is more important than the safety and security of our children. Like all of us, Tom Reynolds has a moral obligation to protect our children. Reynolds should have been demanding accountability from Mark Foley. Instead, he was demanding a $100,000 campaign contribution - and took it."

More from Davis after the jump.

Davis has two questions for Rep. Reynolds:

"Why did you take $100,000 from Mark Foley after you knew he was engaging in questionable online activity?

Why didn't you ask your chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, what Fordham's former boss Mark Foley was doing e-mailing 16 year old kids?"

We'll see if Tom Reynolds has a response, or if he does the right thing and resigns.

Let's demand a special counsel to investigate a possible Foley cover-up by Hastert and Reynolds.

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According to the House Forecast....

Reynolds led Davis only 45-43% in the last poll as of September 29, but held an advantage of 50-1 in cash on hand.  If that's correct, we need to send some ActBlue money Davis's way, fast; Reynolds is eminently beatable now, but it will take resources to keep the pressure on.

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