OH-05: The Perfect Storm (of canvassing)

One day out, a view from the ground - Todd

(disclosure: I am volunteering out here for Robin Weirauch for Congress)

In case you hadn't heard, we had an ice storm here in OH-05 (it was too icy to play hockey in Toledo). However, that sure wasn't going to stop the Weirauch campaign volunteers. I took some time out from keeping the printers and our network going to go out for a bit in that mess along with an army of very dedicated (and thoroughly soaked) volunteers. This is how icy it was. I actually broke my scraper trying to clear the windshield.

(photos after the flip)

Update [2007-12-10 15:0:46 by Todd Beeton]:Also, dailykos has a piece on just how discouraged the GOP is about this race; also, check out local blogs Buckeye State Blog and Ohio Daily Blog who brings us the good news that absentee ballot returns are "closer than expected" and this tidbit:

I just checked ActBlue and Robin has received $90,066 from 1208 contributors. Wow. Over at the rightwing equivalent, SlateCard.com, Bob Latta has received $1,808 from 20 contributors. Poor Bob! Lots of money from fat cats, but not much grass roots love.

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OH-5: Video of Rep. Tim Ryan from Weirauch Rally

From the diaries - Todd

Rep. Tim Ryan was in Bowling Green helping GOTV for Robin Weirauch for Congress on Friday and Saturday, and here is some video I took from an event with the Bowling Green State University College Dems (Rep. Ryan is a BGSU alum). If you can help us by doing some virtual phonebanking, we'd really appreciate it - and so would Rep. Ryan! Email phonebank4robin@gmail.com if you can phonebank.

We can win this special election - but we need your help!

Thanks, steve (currently volunteering in OH-5)

OH-5: Toledo Blade Says Weirauch Has the Mo'

Great story in the Toledo Blade this AM:

Weirauch gains money, momentum in 5th race

Democratic Congressional candidate Robin Weirauch has been a daily fixture at large events across northwest Ohio speaking to factory workers and retirees, honing an appeal based on economic issues.

Her focus - middle-class families and their bread-and-butter woes.

(disclosure - I am out here volunteering my time...)

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OH-5 New DCCC Web Ad

Check out the new web ad that The Stakeholder put together for the OH-5 Special Election - turns out that Bob Latta's making some serious bank on higher gas prices...

Read the rest of Brandon's post here.

Disclosure: I am currently volunteering with the Weirauch campaign... and we can use your help!

Contact Jason at phonebank4robin@gmail.com to sign up for Robin's Virtual Phonebank.

For canvassing and phonebanking in Ohio, email WeirauchGOTV@ohiodems.org.

Donate at the Blue Majority page.

Poll Problems in OH

I am on the ground here in Columbus with America Votes in OH and our poll watchers are reporting problems around the state. There was even a polling location broken into last night (although it appears to be unrelated to the election

An overnight break-in at Franklin Alternative Middle School, 1390 Bryden Road, caused a short delay in opening the polls there, he said. Police had to make sure that whoever broke into the school had left before allowing voters to enter.

http://www.dispatch.com/news-story.php?s tory=224999

I already lit-dropped a columbus precinct with door hangers along with a member of UFCW. Despite the rain here in Columbus it is looking like a good day (and the Franklin county polls appear to be ok).

I will update more here as info comes in...

update: 11.41am most of the problems appear to be resolved. well, at least no one is calling in reporting continuing issues... Our phone bank is rocking - especially since we have completed an initial pass on the list yesterday and scrubbed the bad numbers and folks who have already voted. More on the flip.

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Issue Groups vs. Parties

So this is my first diary post at MyDD. Obviously, I am too damn lazy to update my own site, so I will write it here.

Basically, as much as I love reading blogs, it drives me absolutely bat-shit insane to see how a medium like this still seems to favor over-simplification of political dynamics - and the Lamont/Lieberman campaign is a great example of it. Here are three things I wish people would think about more:

a) Parties aggregate diverse constituencies into (more or less) cohesive groups and their mission is to attain/retain power for that group. As a result, issues positions are not constant over time.

b) Issue organizations are built around a single constituency and their mission is to advocate for their issue and therefore their issue positions do not change over time (significantly).

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