Poll Problems in OH

I am on the ground here in Columbus with America Votes in OH and our poll watchers are reporting problems around the state. There was even a polling location broken into last night (although it appears to be unrelated to the election

An overnight break-in at Franklin Alternative Middle School, 1390 Bryden Road, caused a short delay in opening the polls there, he said. Police had to make sure that whoever broke into the school had left before allowing voters to enter.

http://www.dispatch.com/news-story.php?s tory=224999

I already lit-dropped a columbus precinct with door hangers along with a member of UFCW. Despite the rain here in Columbus it is looking like a good day (and the Franklin county polls appear to be ok).

I will update more here as info comes in...

update: 11.41am most of the problems appear to be resolved. well, at least no one is calling in reporting continuing issues... Our phone bank is rocking - especially since we have completed an initial pass on the list yesterday and scrubbed the bad numbers and folks who have already voted. More on the flip.

The other thing is that we are (so far) only calling people who are 65 and up during the day - so we are not only making a ton more calls than we could yesterday, but we are connecting with a lot of people too.

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