Rewriting History - MyDD Style

I see a bunch of recent entries here crowing about "getting on board" and "getting over it." While my general take on these folks is best explained by the following comment I made earlier today, these aren't really the people this diary is addressed to.

For PUMA's, when it mattered, you weren't for Obama.  This is all anyone needs to know about you.  You voted for McCain because of some perceived slight you felt.  In other words, you voted against your better interest, against the best interest of the country, because of personal feelings of anger.

Your support now is meaningless.  It can't be counted on when the chips are down.  YOU VOTED FOR SARAH FUCKIN PALIN!  I don't know how you live with yourselves.

Luckily, not all Hillary supporters were PUMA's.

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OK, so here's the deal.  I realize we can't rest on our laurels.  Nobody should take any poll in June to be worth much.  But there are a few things we can put to rest at this point.

This diary is a call for everyone here to rally around the Blue Flag.  In order to accomplish this, we need to stop all the trolls here who bring nothing but "concern".  Of course there are always legitimate things to be concerned about.  These are things to work on.  Many would have you believe that if there are things we need to work on, the game is over.

Friends, just think how much more concerned the people in McCainland are feeling these days.  

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Enough of the nonsense!

What nonsense you ask?

For one, take a look on the front page at the delegate counters.  Not only are they completely irrelevant at this point (having a separate one including Michigan and Florida) but they're using the wrong totals.  What purpose do they serve now?

Second bit of nonsense, the electoral vote counter for Hillary.  She isn't our nominee, period.  She won't be.  Will MyDD switch to a graphic in the future for "If Hillary was our nominee"?  I seriously doubt they'll do that.  It would be silly nonsense.  So, what separates us from that point now?  When the polls close in PR we'll have two primaries left which Obama is expected to win.  A few SD's is all that'll be needed to push him over the top after that.  He's the guy.  Whether some poll somewhere says Hillary would win this state or that state isn't important anywhere but, apparently, on the front page of this site.

Aside from that, there is other silly nonsense here that needs to stop.  Clearly the mods here need to stop pro-Hillary folks from dominating the Rec List through nefarious means.  Having a bunch of friends from other web sites come over here and promote them and contribute nothing, leads to more hard feelings and doesn't promote unity.

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