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    "Or watch your website sink further into irrelevance."

    Further?  Not possible.

  • Wow.  What a dick.

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    I am avoiding flame wars.  Have a great day man.  

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    "right wing chicken hawk crowing"

    Um, yeah...

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    You're very full of yourself.

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    It's just hard to feel sorry for the people who thought it was a good idea to lob rockets into civilian areas of a military powerhouse.  That isn't how you earn respect.  

    And the original post here provides no context whatsoever for the actions taken.  It opens with a "tunnels to sneak in weapons" but quickly switches to "and humanitarian aid".  After that it goes completely one sided and loses all credibility.

    As to the cemetary...  If tanks are moving in formation and they have a military reason for passing over an area, that's where they end up.  Do any of you have the first clue about tank movements or warfare?  You'd rather they go down a reinforced mainstreet and take rocket fire?

    Also, nobody here knows if the houses and other buildings destroyed were places rockets were being fired from or were otherwise housing resistence.  And I call bullshit on the whole "put 100 people in a building and then shelled it on purpose."  That didn't happen.

    The fact that you all buy into this bullshit is why groups like Hamas exist.  Chumps having their heartstrings tugged on.  All sad for the poor terrorists and their families.

    War is ugly and Israel is a thug, but you don't spit in the thug's eye and expect a handshake.

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    This, however, isn't a one-sided clip.  You want to understand this issue, understand BOTH sides.

  • That's bullshit and you know it.  Or you ought to.

    The facts are clear here.  All the pictures posted by this spammer won't change the facts.  All of the piecemeal cleanup actions of the past haven't worked.  Israel needs to occupy Gaza for as long as they think necessary.  And you and every other appeaser on this board would feel the same way if your town was subjected to rocket fire at the level Israel has tolerated for years.

  • Precisely.  Don't start wars and you won't get your kids killed.  Don't vote for terrorists to be your government if you don't want you kids to be killed when terrorists act like terrorists and get a response from a civilized nation.  The only response they could've gotten.

    These people know what they're doing when they fire rockets into Israel.  They expect the response and they actually desire children to die.  It gives them pictures like those in this entry to use as propoganda so the bleeding hearts can all jump to their defense and ultimately cause harm to Israel.  But it won't work and these stupid bastards ought to have learned better by now.  Even an Obama administration isn't going to penalize Israel for it's rightful actions in self defense.

  • Of course they're doing the killing now.  They've gone on the offensive!  See, that's how this works.  The Arabs attack Israel for a while, they get pissed off, and go in.  When they're done finding all of the assholes who started this mess, they leave.

    Then, in a few months, a new group of weapons makes its way into Gaza, they recruit new assholes and it starts all over again.  

    People like you cry about the retaliation and ask everyone to forget about what the cause/effect relationship is each and every time, too.  

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six-Day_War

  • "Enough of the blame game" indeed.  

  • I've already said it.  He's an apologist for terrorists.  I'm not going to call him an anti-Semite, if that's what you mean, based on this thread and our conversations to this point.  I don't know enough to know his motives.

    What I do know is that Israel is held to a standard most other nations would find completely unacceptable.  If Russia were having rockets fired into it by radicals in Poland, Poland would be emptied of people and turned into a DMZ.

    But the folks here don't want to acknowledge these truths.  They'd rather deflect and accuse me of using Mexico in my first example because I'm a racist.  Or they'd rather continue to put up pictures of dead children to drive home the Evil Jew theme that flows throughout this discussion.  The simple fact here is that Israel is a brute and acts in very ugly ways because they're surrounded by and are constantly under attack by vicious neighbors who hate them because THEY'RE JEWS.  Those are the anti-Semites I worry about, not the faceless internet puppets I find on MyDD.

  • Only motivation?  No.  One of them, yes.  And it is clearly the ONLY motivation of those governments and other Arab institutions supplying Palestinians with weapons.  Palestinians are pawns used by other regimes.

    And Jews don't live under Palestinian rule and never will, so your hypothetical isn't worthy of a response.  The only way that will ever occur is if Israel is denied her rights to defense, which you and many others here seem to support.  Naively, I might add.

    If Arabs, in general, would accept Israel's right to exist in the first place, these issues would evaporate.  Egypt and Israel have lived peacefully since the Carter Administration.  This is proof that Israel can bargain in good faith and live by it's agreements when the other party does the same.  Hold other Arab groups to the same standards to which you hold Israel and there will be progress.

  • No, I find their government ineffective and untrustworthy.  They therefore live in an uncivilized society which needs an external force to police.  If the international community isn't capable of providing said security for Israel, I expect Israel to provide it.  If that means innocent people die, it's horrible, but innocent people die when aggression is left unchecked, as well.


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