Bill O'Reily, Ingrahm and the audacity of the Right

Ok I was flipping through the channel and I saw the Factor and Bill was going off along with guest Laura Ingrahm on the danger of the Black community, and asking why there is this distrust there of the white community. Basically Bill was talking about how Black radicalism scares white people and Laura was asking why a Preacher would give voice to this mistrust of America, and all of the sudden it hit me-- These people are engaging in a massive case of projection-- all of it the smears of Wright and Obama, the hatred of Hillary for not being a fembot, its all a giant fucking (I will edit if asked) case of projection.

Think about it what is the one defining feature of the modern Republican party (and indeed all reactionary/conservative movements)-- a distrust of outsiders, of change, of things being different. That's why they hate Obama (uh yeah the diffenerence is apparent), both of the Clintons (outsiders), Carter, etc.  

Not just because they were agents of change (though that was bad enough) but because they were from outside the system-- note: If you advocate violent change from postions within the system you're hated even more, after all the only worse than a infidel is a heretic (see the continued efforts to disparage the ultimate traitor FDR).  You can see this hatred for the outsider in the way they treated Kerry prior to the Swift Boats Stuff (the ultimate heretic a warrior who doesn't want to fight anymore), it down right cordial compared to the visceral hatred they have for Obama and Hillary (Obama, they could tolerate as long as they could pretend he was one of the token Blacks like Rice or Thomas-- the uneasy relationship and eventual ostracization of Powell is due to the fact that he was never totally "their man") . Contrast that with the treatment that Dean recieved in 04 or Edwards this year. This shared hatred of the unknown is what allows such disparate interest to unite at election time however shattered they may have previously appeared.

As a final note, the hatred for the outsider is so strong that the Fundies despite being the largest portion of the party get little more than lip service (notice the first fundie prez, was the ultimate insider, and that a far more faithful evangelical--following the economic as well as the social aspects of the faith, was viewed with disdain despite the fact that he was clearly, clearly the best politician in their party; I'm sorry but Huckabee while a nutter was the most likable politician on the surface that I have ever seen.).

P.S. Oh, the best proof I've yet seen Bill just brought on Santorum to call an Obama supporter (supposedly, at this point I think Obama basically is blamed for every Black person on earth) a religious whacko!

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What are you saying?!

Fox News is doing its job and reporting on Barack Obama in the filthiest and sleaziest and most partisan of ways!   CNN won't do it.  MSNBC won't do it.  It's because they hate Hillary.  Roar.

by Setrak 2008-03-19 04:46PM | 0 recs
Re: What are you saying?!

You know a small part of me is wondering, how outside, of mass deletion of diaries, the Hill folk are going to handle it if she comesback and wins the nomination. I mean since we now know Fox News, WND, WSJ Opinion page, etc. are considered quality sources, I really see no reason that we shouldn't be allowed to post from them as well. Heck just for giggles, I'm going over to WND and doing an archive search, I'll post a Hill story sarcastically, and see how long it takes for them to tell me the source isn't credible.

by Socraticsilence 2008-03-19 04:55PM | 0 recs
Re: What are you saying?!

Post away...but if you don't like they way they are reporting about Obama now then you better hold on to your hate if he is the nominee.

by americanincanada 2008-03-19 05:08PM | 0 recs
The Audicity of Hate was shown to the Public

On Friday and why are democrats listening to Fox

by indus 2008-03-19 05:12PM | 0 recs


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