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    I have an will continue to look at it in the fact that off shore oil drilling is a key to energy independence.  

    There is by no means, enough oil off our shores to supply our oil needs, but when you combine that oil with alternative means of energy, you quickly lessen the amount of time that we need to buy oil from Saudi Arabia or go crying to Venezuela.  

    The alternative energy sector is starting to kick up.  I know for a fact that here in massachusetts that there are hundreads of test sites or plans to test currently underway.  While Cape Wind sits in a deadlock, Hull MA is moving forward with what will be this nation's first off shore Turbine group.  Granted, it will only be 4 turbines but once this goes up and people see that its not a big deal, and actually very nice to look at, I think your going to see a slamfest of these things going up.  

    If you have time to complain about drilling for more oil, then you have time to go find your local environmental groups and help them push the government to use alternative means.  How many of you are doing that?

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    It seems the Democratic leadership along with Emily's list is putting some heavy pressure on Diane Denish, too bad we don't have an poll numbers out on her against the 2 Repubs.  I'd love to see Udall get in the race, but Lt. Gov Denish would be fine as well.  The ABC rule is in effect here,  Anybody But Chavez

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    I see the best possible combo for the Democrats is to have Mark Begich run for the house seat with Knowles running for the Senate.  The Democrats are going to need 2 very strong candidates in order to gain either seat.  

    Ethan Berkowitz is an interesting idea, but I don't think he has the star power to capitilize on yet.  Hey may want to think of running for the State Senate, assuming the seat he could run for isn't held by a Democrat.  


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