My Vote in Oregon: A Preview

The latest in my postings on Oregon politics is a discussion of how I intend to vote when I get my ballot on Friday or Saturday. I am posting this now both to foster discussion and because, especially on the ballot measures, I am willing to listen to arguments on whether I am wrong to think about voting the way I intend to.

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In each case I post my vote and then explain why I am voting the way I am.

The Easy Stuff:

President-Obama/Biden (D)-Does anyone here really need me to explain why I am voting this way for President?  No, good.  Yes we will win Oregon!

Senate-Merkley (D)-I have supported Jeff throughout the primaries (I gave him my first donation last fall) and am not going to stop in my efforts to send this progressive to Washington.  Jeff is one of the smartest politicians I know.

Congress (OR-1)-Wu (D)-I am not the biggest Wu fan in the world but he's done well enough to earn my vote.

State Rep (HD 27)-Read (D)-Tobias is a rising star in Oregon Democratic politics and I am proud to support him.

State Senate (SD 14)-Hass (D)-I helped out with his campaign four years ago when he was still a State Rep. and have always admired this former newscaster turned politician.

SOS-Brown (D)-Kate Brown will be a fine choice to replace Bradbury, all the desire to protect the vote without the random unproductive blasts of partisanship Bradbury has undergone at times.

AG-Kroger (D)-I supported his opponent in the primaries but am proud to support John as he becomes Oregon's new AG.

Treasurer-Westlund (D)-Ben Westlund is one of my favorites, of any party, and is proof that some Repubs are smart enough to see the light.

Labor Commissioner-Avakian (Nonpartisan)-Brad was appointed to fill this job and will do well.

Statewide Ballot Measures:

Measure 54 (School Board Elections)-YES-Technical fix to an outdated clause.

Measure 55 (Redistricting)-YES-Another easy yes vote on a technical fix.

Measure 56 (Partial Double Majority Repeal)-YES-The double majority is one of the most anti-democratic laws out there and this will mostly eliminate it.

Measure 57 (Alternative Mandatory Minimum Sentence Measure)-YES-I'm not a huge fan of this but it's a damn sight better than Mannix's and if both pass the one with the most "Yes" votes gets enacted.

Measure 58 (ESL Teaching Limit)-NO-I am not going to support this measure first because its a Sizemore measure but then because it's a piece of crap, limiting ESL teaching is a bad idea.

Measure 59 (Full Federal Tax Deduction)-NO-Back for a third try I am not going to vote for a measure that gives most of its benefits to a few very rich Oregonians.

Measure 60 (Teacher Merit Pay)-NO-This measure is nothing more than Sizemore's latest attempt to f-k with the Teacher's union.  Not to mention that the whole idea of merit pay is fraught with pitfalls.

Measure 61 (Mannix Mandatory Minimum Measure)-NO-Throwing everyone in jail who's every done anything bad for a long time is NOT the answer.

Measure 62 (15% of Lottery Funds to Public Safety)-NO-I am voting no because this dilutes the funds given to education and parks from the lottery system.

Measure 63 (Exemption from Permit for small home renovations)-NO-Permits serve a good public purpose by making sure that all work done is safe.  When even the building companies oppose this measure you can be sure it is a bad idea.

Measure 64 (Ban on Public Employee Political Activity)-NO-Just another tool in Sizemore's wars with public employee unions.  Another bad idea by Bill.

Measure 65 (Top Two Primary)-NO-If you want to vote in a primary, join a party.  In addition, this eliminates the role of third parties because they'd have to finish in the top 2 to make the general.  When Dan Meek opposes something like this, and he does according to his voter's pamphlet statement, I know it's a bad idea.

Local Measures:

Measure 34-155 (Charter Update)-YES-Some cleaning up of the Washington County Charter, looks good to me.

Measure 34-159 (Fairgrounds Bond)-YES-The Washington County Fairgrounds need this bond to keep pace with the times.

Measure 34-164 (Transportation Fee for New Developments)-YES-Builders ought to be charged more for infrastructure built as a result of new developments.

Measure 26-95 (Portland CC Bond)-YES-I went to PCC in lieu of my senior year of HS and its a great place.  Especially with the economy down and people needing to be retrained, PCC needs more facilities.

Measure 26-96 (Oregon Zoo Bond)-YES-The Oregon Zoo is one of the best in the country, this bond will ensure it stays that way.

Measure 34-154 (TV F&R Bond)-YES-Gotta love our local fire department.

Measure 34-156 (T Hills Parks and Rec Greesnspace Bond)-YES-Yes for more greeenspaces!

Let me know what you think.

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Re: My Vote in Oregon: A Preview

Only a few days until I get to vote!

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