Pelosi/Hastings: 'more joy in heaven'...

The wires all have it, so it must be true. As, for instance, Reuters at 1721 ET:

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi, preparing her party to take control of the House from President George W. Bush's Republicans when the 110th U.S. Congress convenes on January 4, told Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Florida Democrat, of her decision during a closed-door meeting.

"I advised him that I would select someone else as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee," Pelosi said.

It would be right to acknowledge that Pelosi has decided against making a truly dire choice for HIC chair, and that that decision will save her, and her party, a world of hurt in the upcoming couple of years.

But equally right to question why she expressed her preference for Hastings as HIC chair in the first place.

Following my pieces on the subject to May this year, the first one links a Postpiece from September 2005, which said that

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has told colleagues she plans to replace Harman with Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-Fla.) when the 110th Congress convenes in January 2007, assuming all three members are reelected next year. Hastings, the committee's next-most-senior Democrat, is African American, and the Congressional Black Caucus strongly backs his claim on the post.

It's clear that making her preference known so early was no slip of the tongue by Pelosi's people, but a calculated political manoeuver.

Pelosi cannot claim much credit for declining at the last minute to follow through with a plan that was patently nonsensical from the get-go!

However, she now has the chance to deploy her political skills under pressure: she needs to settle on a safe-as-possible name, persuade and cajole her troops into going along, and draw a line under the whole thing well before the new Congress convenes.

Hoyer/Murtha has been defanged and buried; the same needs to be done with the HIC chair affair.

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Did you know that Helen Gahagen Douglas was "found" to have voted with Vito Marcantonio?

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Re: Whatever


Did you know she fucked Lyndon Johnson?

And - there's no 'e' in Gahagan.

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Re: Whatever

My point, exactly.

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If you're suggesting...

...the HIC chair story is fish wrapping - beg to differ.

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Re: If you're suggesting...

I was talkin' about the "e" in Gahagen...

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Anyway, just echoing Glenn Greenwald the whole Pelosi/Hastings/Harman "controversy" which every single liberal commentator felt the need to chime in on was a big fact-free fake controversy likely set up by Harman supporters. Whatever the merits of Hastings, there was never anything coming from Pelosi's office suggesting that he was her desginated man for the job, just speculation turned rumor turned "fact."

But, good job everyone who helped fan the flames on this one. You helped one Dem contingent to try to pull the rug out from under Pelosi about 3 minutes after she was voted into a job she doesn't even have yet.


The end of the Epic Harman-Hastings Drama

....What transformed this mundane event from standard Washington chatter into a matter of virtual national obsession was that the media -- not followed by, but rather, as usual, led by, the right-wing propaganda machine -- concocted a towering scandal where none existed, based on a whole set of false and unsupported premises....

....Not that any more are required, but one should add to the pile of myths and falsehoods fueling this story the notion that Pelosi was "denying" Harman her natural and rightful place as Chair, or "demoting" her or pushing her aside. In fact, the House Intelligence Committee -- in addition to having unique non-seniority rules -- also has unique term-limit rules, limiting members to no more than four terms in a six term period.

Harman had met the term limits, and thus, rather than having some entitlement to become Chair, Harman was hoping that Pelosi would, in essence, break or waive the rules in order to appoint her. Pelosi did not go out of her way to "deny" Harman what would have been her rightful place, the central assumption of most of the anti-Pelosi commentary. The opposite is true: Pelosi would have had to invoke unusual steps in order to appoint Harman as Chair.

Glenn Greenwald is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Macbeth (V, v, 19)

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