More confusion on Dem 'Contract with America'

Those with memories like - well, elephants may recall the following from last October (when New Orleans was still in ruins from Katrina):
Key Democratic sources say Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other House leaders are putting the finishing touches on what arguably will be Democrats most detailed "positive" election-year agenda since the party lost power more than a decade ago. Pelosi has been coordinating with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), key Democratic strategists, advisers and outside interest groups on the policy platform as well as the party's broader 2006 message.

Well, New Orleans is still in ruins (quite a lot of it) and the
most detailed "positive" election-year agenda since the party lost power more than a decade ago

is still an idea in the minds of Harry and Nancy.

A week or two back, the Hero of IL-6 was plugging his forthcoming blockbuster:

Everyone agrees that the Democrats have to establish a positive agenda to win. Emanuel will weigh in with one in August in a book tentatively titled "The Plan: Big Ideas for America," coauthored with Bruce Reed, who ran domestic policy for Clinton. Emanuel reminds Democrats who are impatient for details that the "Contract With America" that helped bring the GOP to power in the House wasn't launched until mid-September of 1994.

Get some of that badass-mofo Gingrich mojo, eh? Kewl!

Well, it seems that the Rahmster is concerned that too strict an adherence to his guru's MO may leave the Faithful a tad enervated by November. So, he tells the boys at Time

we will have, and properly so, in late spring and early summer a rollout [that tells voters], You give us the car, and we'll drive it.

However - need you doubt it? - there seems to have been no coordination between Emanuel and Ma Pelosi who, only three weeks ago, had a rather different timetable:
Democratic leaders had set a goal of issuing their legislative manifesto by November 2005 to give voters a full year to digest their proposals. But some Democrats protested that the release date was too early, so they put it off until January. The new date slipped twice again, and now House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) says the document will be unveiled in "a matter of weeks."

That, as I say, is three weeks ago. What some might call a matter of weeks.

Is there any sign of the Pelosi paper?

Hey, this is the Democratic Party we're talking about, brother!

What are we to conclude from this? That the Dems couldn't organize an orgy in a brothel? That they have an October Surprise so sure-fire (12 years old is too young even in Canada!) that they don't want to stress themselves unnecessarily by coherent campaigning? That Madame P fears the Rahmbo slim volume will be his manifesto in a campaign for her job come January, and is doing her best to act as a spoiler?

I'm tapped out...

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