Alcee Hastings: scurrilous hoax letter

I'm aware that there are many in and around this blog who view with favor the candidacy of Alcee Hastings for the chair of the HIC.

As a matter of public service, I bring to their attention the nauseating hoax perpetrated by certain evil-doers in circulating a letter, purportedly from the hand of Hastings himself, but which, from its general tenor and its every detail, is clearly the work of an vicious prankster and satirist.

I'm shocked at the way a former officer of the court should be lampooned in this way.

Since no US Representative of 14 years standing could possibly express himself in such a low and ignorant manner, it's hard to think that the more perceptive would accept this letter as genuine.

Unfortunately, there are some who are perversely inclined to view our elected representatives as money-grubbing buffoons, puffed up to bursting with their own self-importance, and without any sense of the ridiculous (particularly their own).

I'm sure that Rep Hastings' many friends on this blog will want to make their protest in the appropriate quarters at this joke in extremely poor taste.

(I'm tempted to quote from the letter. But I believe its iniquities can best be appreciated by reading the text in its revolting entirety.)

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Hastings is a crook...

Hastings is a crook and a thief and should be relegated to the back benches a la Murtha.  These old time thief-pols need to be shown the door.

by The Last Liberal 2006-11-23 09:48PM | 0 recs
Re: Alcee Hastings: scurrilous hoax letter

Hastings is a crook and a thief

Crook AND a thief?  If you think a thief is not a crook, one might wonder what your definition might be.

All you lack is evidence for your confused slander but I guess you don't worry much about using the primary tool of Republicans when they have no case.

Meet Michael Malone.  Michael Malone was a hair-and-fiber expert for the FBI who could always be depended upon to furnish the evidence needed to convict.

"They wanted to dictate truth," Whitehurst says, "instead of discovering it."

One day in the fall of 1990, he ran into Bill Tobin, a kindred spirit. They groused about agents misusing frequent flier miles. Tobin mentioned getting heartburn when he saw Malone manipulate evidence in the Hastings case.

"Forensic prostitution," Tobin called it.

Whitehurst was floored. He had worked next door to Malone for three years and never heard anything bad about him.

"Some people in the lab were real testosterone tyrants," Whitehurst recalls. "They were going to make a case for prosecutors no matter what. Malone didn't strike me that way."

Shortly after that conversation, Whitehurst was suspended for a week. His offense: Without first notifying prosecutors, he told a defense expert in a San Francisco bomb-trafficking case that another agent had misstated forensic evidence.

Later, Whitehurst was fired. Malone meanwhile climbed the ladder of promotions until his fabrications became too public and his expert evidence worthless.

Josh Marshall has two other beauties who were not as successful in evading the law as Malone but it seems it was Malone who convinced John Conyers, former prosecutor, that Hastings was undeniably guilty though Hastings had been previously exonerated.  Cooler heads didn't think so (Arlen Specter, for one) when examining the evidence but the Senate didn't bother much with the evidence anymore than John Conyers and the House of ill repute had.

Now would you like to provide a pinch of evidence for your reckless charges or is it enough to just make charges against an African-American civil libertarian in support of a Bush toady who says she has now seen the light?  Hallelujah!

Best,  Terry

by terryhallinan 2006-11-24 02:25AM | 0 recs


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