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    YOU DECLARE: "Both Hillary Clinton and John McCain couldn't/can't compete against the enthusiasm of Barack Obama's support.  Hillary had to take out loans just to stay afloat.  McCain can't do that and is stuck within the public financing system."

    You're a fool to bring up Hillary in a bad light.  In praising Obama's virtues, why do you find it necessary to bring up Hillary, lump her with McCain, and summarize her as a failure, in terms of fundraising and exciting donors and voters?

    If Hillary were the nominee, she would have generated the same amount of money and enthusiasm in the electorate.

    I don't know what kind of smoke you're smoking, but go back to March, April, and May of this year, and see how much enthusiasm Hillary has generated across the country.  (And yes, we were not all racists.)

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    Yes, I too get taxed about $1300 extra a year for my partner's health benefits.

    When April 15 comes every year, I'm reminded of this injustice.

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    Could anyone really be WORSE than Bush?

    I thought for the longest time that it's impossible.

    Now we have not one but TWO examples.

    John McCain: embodiment of the Bush's "gut" leadership that does not rely on facts and reality.

    Sarah Palin: embodiment of Bush's audacious stupidity and aversion to intellectual sophistication.


  • I was just gonna say.

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    The GOP ship is going down.

    Even the rats are jumping ship.

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    LOL LOL LOL!!!

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    This is like the most pathetic national candidate since Dole.

    He's going down.  He and his handlers know it.  The only way he can keep from further sliding is his hilarious circus antics.

    Oh what a sad sad sad candidate.

    Put all your intrade money on Obama!

  • He's the kind of cool and reasonable leader we need.

    McCain is a showman.  It's sad to see him squander his reputation like this.  The sight of him makes me vomit.

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    I was one of the 500,000 new donors.

    I think Hillary supporters like me account for a good proportion of those new donors.

    I was hesitant to send in money during those days when Obama seemed like he was coasting to victory, deciding instead to give to ActBlue and similar groups.

    But now that it's become a tight race, and that we're poised to grab defeat from the jaws of victory yet again, and that the other side is now celebrating incompetence by the name of Palin, I overcame my hesitation, and am now a willing contributor to the Obama campaign.

  • It's not provincialism.  It's competence.

    I would like a mayoral candidate to have visited other counties in my state.

    I would like my governor to have visited other states in the union.

    I would like my national leader to have visited other countries in the world.

    In this day and age, it's not unreasonable to ask for these things.

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    The fact that America has to have a discussion about where she's been in the world is really DARN PATHETIC for this empty VP candidate.

    I've been to more countries than Palin.

    Heck, I'm even willing to bet that I've been to MORE STATES than Palin.

  • I agree, it's very different.

    On the other hand, it's not really good that Obama says the Senate yaks while the small town mayor does real work.

    Small town mayors are just that-- SMALL TOWN mayors.  They do real work, but it's SMALL TOWN work.

    The US Senate deliberates about national and global issues.  And in my opinion, deliberation IS real work.

    Obama and Biden must not cede the "experience" question to the small town mayor.  The second in command must know more than potholes and garbage collection.

  • OK, so enlighten me on what the real issues are, and which page we should all be on, Herr Dracomicron.

  • ... but it's still pretty awkward.

    Judge for yourself.

    "OBAMA: Well, listen, we had an awful lot of small-town mayors at the Democratic Convention, I assure you. I meet them all the time. And I have -- the mayors have some of the toughest jobs in the country, because that's where the rubber hits the road. We yak in the Senate. They actually have to fill potholes and trim trees and make sure the garbage is taken away."

    http://www.clipsandcomment.com/2008/09/1 1/transcript-servicenation-presidential- forum-at-columbia-university/

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    I don't recall the exact quote, but when the mayor thing was mentioned to Obama in the same forum, Obama said something very similar, to the effect that mayors have a tough job, unlike the Senate, which he then qualified in terms that struck me as very similar to McCain's characterization.

    Perhaps someone can pull the exact quote?

    I remember having to pick up my jaw last night-- and remarking to myself, wow, Obama just made a similar gaffe as McCain.

    Maybe McCain's quote is worse (Obama didn't say out of touch), but Obama said something that struck me as odd as well.


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