• The religious, who already buy into myths, are probably the most susceptible to such outlandish lies, because rationality and reason don't figure highly in their mental toolbox.

    So I'm not at all surprised.

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  • Listen, Bachmann touched a nerve, and clearly she believes what she says, based on the clarity of that Hardball interview.

    Your point is right about being strategic with the money.  But isn't it also part of the strategy to beat all those demagogues and supernutjobs, so that we can at least achieve an acceptable decorum in the public discourse?

    I don't want to see Bachmann spew such malicious nonsense on TV as a congressperson.  She's entitled to be stupid as an ex-congressperson.

  • I just sent in my little contribution of $25.  I wish I could send more, but Obama's call to donate before midnight tonight drained my disposable income for this week.

    EVERYONE SHOULD SEND MONEY TO TINKLENBERG.  It's more than one more Democrat in Congress-- it's a message to the nutjobs on the right, that America is tired of all this "anti-American" bs crap.

  • People sense just how out of touch and cynical the other side is.  It's part of the reason we're coasting (knock on wood) towards the White House.

    People understand what $150,000 on clothes means, and people also understand what visiting your dying grandmother means in the midst of crunch time.

    I say Blakeman should remain a Republican talking head till the day he dies.  He's the poster child of what's totally wrong about the Republicans.

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    My point was that give or take a few electoral votes, Obama and Hillary would have come in with the same size win on Nov. 4, given the political and economic climate of the country.

    If the economy weren't so shitty, then personality and cultural issues would have dominated, and then you would probably see a diverging result between Obama and Hillary.  (Un)fortunately, the economy trumps every other issue, so here we are.

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    "He brought VA and CO into the likely category and NC into the tossup category.  Clinton would likely be dead even in CO and VA, and several points down in NC."

    What do you base Obama's strength in these states relative to Hillary?

    In my opinion, these states are trending Democratic anyway, and Hillary, Biden, or pretty much anyone with a D after their name will have as much of an advantage as Obama is currently enjoying.

  • The only connection between Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber is their anti-intellectualism.  To be subpar in the brain arena, to them, is a sign that you're one of them.

    They relish their lack of sophistication, and marinate in their collective ignorance.

    This is the only reason why Republicans of 2008 are still pulling 40% in the polls.  Clearly they should be polling much much lower than that.  The cynical deception (along with those who buy it hook line and sinker) is the real threat to American democracy.

  • I hope you're right.

    I could have stated my point better, however.  The money that will pour into Georgia from Republicans from across the country will undoubtedly be used to argue, I think effectively, that the state election has far reaching consequences.

    I trust in locals thinking locally, but the conservatives who would have voted for Obama half-heartedly, or those who skipped the presidential election entirely (which should be sizeable, basing on anecdotal evidence from my canvassing around Tampa Bay, Florida), may be motivated to turn out for the Republican.

    The national media attention will highlight the national nature of this state election, and I just don't see how every voter in Georgia can divorce that issue from the others, if it indeed comes to pass this way.

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    The argument of the GOP, once Obama wins, is to keep the Senate from being a filibuster-proof "rubber stamp" to the "liberal" (scary! scary!) Obama administration.

    I bet a significant fraction of Georgia's white majority will buy this argument.

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    Is it even possible that non-ACORN entities submitted those fraudulent registrations on behalf of ACORN, with the intention of discrediting the group?

    I haven't read about it extensively, so I don't know if this may even be a possibility.

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    In my little enclave here in the I-4 corridor of Florida, my upper middle class white community of 400 residences, which voted for Bush in the past two elections, has 19 Obama-Biden lawn signs but only 6 McCain-Palin signs.

    I overheard a conversation between two obviously Republican voters in a local convenience store-- they're NOT VOTING because "we got two bad choices".

    Enthusiasm is very low in traditionally Republican strongholds in the Tampa Bay area.

    All we need now is to TURN OUT THE VOTE.  Truly exciting!!

  • Both the Christian Left and the Christian Right are wrong to inject their fantasies about gods and Christ and the supernatural in the national and political conversation.

    What we need are rational minds to tackle the problems and advance solutions, not those who believe in myths and fables.

  • You said: "I don't have any problem with atheists and agnostics, and in fact I think they should be included as part of the Religious Left."

    If you include non-religious in the "religious left", then what's "religious" about it?

    It seems to me that this is but another attempt by the religious to be relevant in the modern world.

    I say, live and let live, but please, don't continue to poison the national discourse with "insights" culled from myths and fables.  What we need are rational minds, not those clouded by prejudices and fantasies.

  • Fact is, Obama supporters and the Obama campaign were more savvy with the internet, where lots of new money was raised.

    Doesn't mean that Obama had more "enthusiastic" supporters.

    Measuring anything with money is FOOLISH, in my opinion.


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