• How high Gov. Palin puts education in her agenda is a matter of policy, and there should be hard data to figure that one out.

    What I don't have a taste for is (1) reading too much from how parents appear to raise their families and (2) looking to blame the mother for any failures, esp. high profile moms.

    American families are very diverse, and no one knows how the Palins are actually dealing with the education of their kids.  To impute any clues as to policy tendencies from their kids' behavior (and in a YouTube video at that!) is foolish, in my opinion.

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    The husband should get equal blame, if indeed your allegations are true, and that there were no tutors that accompanied them in the campaign trail.

    I'm imagining that, if this were true of Obama's daughters, that Michelle will get so much more blame than Barack in "neglecting" the education of their kids.

    There's still a slight prejudice toward women running for high office or getting to the top of big business.  In the Obama interview last night, it seemed perfectly normal that Michelle Obama declared she would still me "Mom-in-chief" to their two daughters, while Daddy Barack is busy with being Leader of the Free World.  I wonder what that interview will look like if Michelle were just elected President and Barack is her First Dude.  I wonder what the questions will be like about the daughters, and I wonder how Michelle and Barack would answer them.

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    In both of your well-thought out scenarios, the one common characteristic of the Democratic senators is their COWARDICE.

    They are cowards to hide behind a secret ballot, afraid of retaliation from the progressive grassroots who are campaigning against Lieberman, and afraid of retaliation from Lieberman himself, lest he become more of a monster that we know he is.

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    I don't think a text link to a White House video will be as effective as a readily postable YouTube video.

    For example, if this post had a link to some video somewhere about Obama's radio address, there's a chance I may not have gone to that trouble following the link.  On the other hand, it didn't take a brain cell for me to click on the "play" button on that YouTube.  And instantly, my president was talking to me on this website!

    I hope they have video and other interesting goodies in the White House blog, so that people like us who live (and die) by the internet can get more.  But YouTube is here to stay.  It's easy, it's familiar, it's kid-friendly, it's senior-friendly, it's the new media.  And once again, BRAVO! to Team Obama for thinking about new ways to get the message out and push our agenda.

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    I share your concern, but then on second thought, YouTube is the surest way to reach everyone on the internet, and the more people he can reach, the greater the impact of the message.

    Bravo to Team Obama!!  Once again, we see a forward-looking move, and a good use of resources.

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    Oh right, I forgot all about those missiles that were so effective in shocking and aweing Iraq.

    Get real.

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    You didn't seriously believe that the US was prepared to go to war with Iran at that time, or at any time in the near future.  Put simply, there are not enough boots to be deployed elsewhere.

    With an unpopular president, an overstretched military, and Iran as big a quagmire as Iraq, who seriously thought that we would actually launch a war, without any explicit 9/11 type provocation?

    Sabre-rattling, yes.  Real preparations for war?  Unlikely.

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    I too was a fierce Hillary supporter, despaired when she lost the nomination, and for a while just watched the election from afar.

    Then McCain exploded, the financial crisis grew larger, Sarah Palin become a scary possibility, and the kind of despicable Rovian divide-and-conquer strategy was deployed.  Meanwhile, Obama stayed cool, used his brain, talked sense and solutions, and became a figure of undeniable integrity and confidence right before my eyes.

    My partner and I made contributions to the Obama campaign, put up signs on our lawn, and talked to our Hillary holdout friends about how crucial it is to support not just the Democratic nominee, but Obama specifically.

    He is a true contrast to Bush-- expertise, intellect, and reason are now back at the table of leadership.  His apparent plan to stock his cabinet with a "team of rivals" but also a team of experts and stature is commendable, and inspiring of further respect and support.

    I'm still a Hillary fanatic, but Obama has also risen to the same stature in my mind.  And he ain't president yet!  I look forward to his presidency with sheer excitement and audacious hope.

    (Oh, so this is what Kool Aid tastes like!)

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    Brava, Rachel Maddow.

    This is a good assembly of a case against retaining Lieberman in a leadership position in the Senate.

    I'd like to hear what the other side of this debate has to say about Rachel's points.

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    And Hillary will sabotage that, by doing her job as a Senator, and trying to legislate what she and many Democrats believe?

    Healthy debate is good, my friend.  Unless you're of the Bush-Cheney-Rove style of politics.

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    Dude, the election is over.  Didn't you hear, Obama won?  And in large part because "selfish" Hillary defied your expectation, by working hard to get Obama elected.

    So let's get the "selfish" meme out of the discussion, please.

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    Which legislative initiatives do you anticipate Hillary will sabotage?

  • Why are you relying on Vander Plaats to answer the question?

    I still don't know how what Vander Plaats said has anything to do with "Democrats being like Jesus."

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    Let's take the long-term view that you suggest.  If in the future, there's a crucial issue about Homeland Security that Obama wants the Senate to tackle and legislate, would you rather have a true Democrat to shepherd the legislation through the Senate, or Lieberman, who thinks the Iraq War is the kind of thing this country needs to keep us safe.

    Instant gratification is not the issue, my friend.  Even though there may be lots of that too, if Lieberman loses his prized gavel.  The issue is, in the crucial months and years ahead, who in the Senate do you trust to help Obama push the government towards a more rational place?

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    You titled your piece "How are Democratic voters like Jesus?"

    I don't find any real discussion about this point in the post itself.


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