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    somebody sold you a bill of goods. those BRT systems in south america remain failures, just as they are here in north america and around the world. that why Ottawa is undergoing an extremely expensive retrofit to do what they should have done in the first place -- rail. south american cities are building subways now, like they should have done in the first place.

    fortunately, even tiny island developing nations have learned from the horrible mistakes of Lerner and his dreadful bus experiment, and so are going straight to rail.

    but don't take my word for it -- search out some real facts, like the percentage of bus riders before and after BRT in places like Curitiba and Bogota. BRT achieved zero mode shift. get some facts about the ever-increasing car ownership in those cities, including along those bus lines. get some facts about the overcrowding and pick-pocketing and groping so prevalent on those buses because they have so little capacity.

    the US is going BRT-crazy? could have fooled me. i could have sworn everybody was busy building rail lines. shows how much i know.

    read an account of someone who actually went and saw for themselves:

    A contrast I noticed between two of my days in Bogota best describes my experience there. I spent a Saturday riding by myself through many of the bike paths that my guide Andres had not shown me on the day before.

    It was a pretty bad day. I have never seen traffic like what I saw that day, in any city. Nor have I breathed such polluted air. And this is coming from someone who is a frequent visitor to Mexico City! Bogota traffic was considerably worse than anything I have ever seen in Mexico, and the air was worse, too.

    The bike paths were nice, but they ran alongside busy streets that were full of cars, buses, and trucks belching out fumes. Many of these vehicles are Chinese-made and appear to have no emissions controls whatsoever.

    Also, many of the bike paths went along sidewalks that were so full of pedestrians doing some Saturday shopping that bicycling on them was not really feasible.

    At the end of that day I retired to my hotel with stinging eyes and lungs and the strong feeling that it is not bike advocates so much as car advocates who need to visit Bogota. It truly is a pre-apocalyptic technological dystopia there, all because of the damned cars. If someone had asked me on that day if I could live in Bogota, I would have said no . . . f . . . ing . . . way. I would do anything necessary not to live in that city.

    so i say, go ahead, build your own BRT systems and experience dystopia for yourself in your own hometown. just don't push it in my hometown.

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    Nobody, absolutely nobody, has more incentive to get this right than the Obama Administration.

    Last time I checked, most folks in the Obama Administration still had jobs - could still pay their mortgages - feed their families - etc.

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    Miami has a monthly ciclovia. San Francisco will be doing 5 or 6 this year, up from 2 last year. Schedule is not set yet.

    You can Chicago and Pasadena also had events.

    http://www.livablestreets.com/streetswik i/ciclovia

  • as more folks start to use feed readers (aggregators, a la Google Reader), it'll become less necessary for Atrios and other solo bloggers to post so frequently.

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    What 'incentive system' would you expect from people who treat Dem voters the same way Bush treats the press - with utter contempt? The sooner we recognize this contempt, the better off we'll all be. Dem voters, like me (once), like to make fun of all the crazies who perpetuate their own misery (Republicans, religious bigots, the media, etc.), but in the echo chamber that is the Dem blogosphere, we are unable to recognize our own complicity in and irrelevance to the system.

    Or, 'failure' is relative to one's status. Failure for Pelois/Emanuel is getting booted from office and being unable to land a lucrative bribery gig on K street. Failure for the rest of us is more boring stuff, like losing our homes, our health care, our freedom, etc.

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    The point of regulating blogs, of course, is to limit dissent and to limit public participation in the political process. The same was true of that unconstitutional campaign finance law. I guess the 95+ % re-election rate of Congress just isn't yet competitive with Saddam's re-election rates over the years...

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    Has Matt Ygnoramous seen Afghanistan? If doing Afghanistan was right, I'd hate to see wrong.


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