• has SOME work to do

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    distraction in the media

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    Bush is glad he isnt in office anymore.

  • spending bills originate in the house constitutionally.

    Unless he declares martial law, which has its own restrictions, there is no executive authority for action like that.

  • and its Kerry?

  • My last two films that i need to see are the wrestler and slumdog millionaire. then i will be set for the Oscars.

  • thanks!

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    be passed differently than the house bill, and without any of the damned concessions given to republicans.

    Then when the houses come together, they should pass the Senate version of the bill.

    The Republicans drew the line, I say go to to that line and give them a big fuck you

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    I understand your angst when it comes to Gitmo, but i have a lot of problem with your wording in this diary.  Basically, starting with your first sentence -- 250 "avowed and unrepented" terrorist in Guantanamo.

    A lot of the people there were labeled Enemy Combatants by the Bush administration, and have never been able to shake that label because they were not allowed to bring habeas claims and/or get to the merits of their individual cases regarding their detentions.

    Then there are the problems with the Uyghur's that really have no place to go, as China does not want them back in their country. Some have been allowed to go to Albania, but thats all dependent on other countries willing to take in detainees.  So they are not unrepented, many, claim, and have claimed for over 7 years, that they had nothing to do with September 11th.

    The initial authority to detain people comes from the AUMF after September 11th which is very specific on who can be targeted.

    I find it hard to reconcile your diary, in one part you state they are "terrorist suspects" and in another you state they are "convicted terrorists" with a smattering of "if they are enemy combatants" in between. For the record, however, they are NOT CONVICTED TERRORISTS. Out of the 800 or so people that were brought to Guantanamo, less than 1% have had an actual military trial begin, and as far of convictions, I believe there has only been a single conviction, resulting in something like 12 years of imprisonment, and 7 years served already due to detention at Gitmo.

    Also, the Bush Administration never wanted to give these men the rights afforded to them under the Geneva Conventions which is exactly why they are not called prisoners of war, but enemy combatants.

    I agree with you, though, in the sense that they should never have been given another status, and, upon capture, should have been afforded the rights given to prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention.  Then at least the US would have had guidelines to follow with prosecution, detention, etc instead of the mess the Bush administration created by trying to skirt around the laws of war.

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    Bingo - Not only will the repugs make him own it, no matter what incarnation takes hold, but then they will abandon any responsibility associated with its creation in Congress.

    They will get the narrative,and it leaves Obama very little wiggle room. Beat them back, and hard.

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    if it wasnt already, this is just open hostility. The Dems need to come out and beat back this narrative before it takes hold.

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    i agree completely. They had a chance to be constructive and are running away from helping our Country for political gain.

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    from the middle east?

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    go back to the plan that included contraceptive funding.


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