• Gore supported the war in the beginning as well. As for Gore, his negatives in Polls is just as high as Hillary's.

    Having that said, I've been a fan of Gore since 2000. I'm also a fan of HRC

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    This is quite funny watching some of the posters - i can just imagine them getting incredibly angry that Hillary supporters are here, making valid arguments, and pointing out their inconsistencies.

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    So you support Edwards who has a campaign manager who is VP of Mark Penn's company? Isnt That a bit hypocritical?

  • So are you a Mike Gravel fan? Dennis Kucinich?

  • BDM - you're just as stubborn as Bush - Not only is it a direct quote, but it matches what he said on May 6th, 2007 on This Week with George Stephanopolous.

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    "She is the same as most elitists who believe that everyone thinks the same as they do."

    Ok thats one of these so called "progressive" arguments against HRC.

    The other:

    "HRC is a panderer and an opportunist"

    Somehow theres a bit of inconsistency in these arguments. She cant be both at the same time because an opportunist thinks like everyone else, and an elitist thinks everyone thinks like they do.

    These arguments are so lame and childish.

  • agreed - a lot of these pols are in safe districts with hardcore red supporters - Getting a 16 vote swing is reaching beyond the stars and not realistic. It can also look bad on dems in general because people are sick with "congress not doing anything" and while liberals think sending it back over and over is doing something, conservatives see it as doing nothing. In the end it goes back to the middle ground, and i think the middle will get fed up quite quickly since nationally congress does only slightly better than bush in the polls

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    see my other post at the end of the thread - that will answer some of your questions

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    its naive to think it doesnt exist -

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    I'm also a hillary supporter - for most of the year i'm bogged down with law school and work so i cant really be active. I've just started blogging and generally i used to just stick with newspapers and watching cable news networks when i had the chance. Now i have more time, and coincidentally, more posts and am joining more blog communities.

    I've read blogs on and off for about 2 years, but never felt the need to join because it takes a lot of time and i know i can get addicted easily to it. Right now i should be studying for my last final, but instead i'm writing a defense for no reason because my registration to myDD, according to this diary, insinuates i am a plant or a paid campaign worker rolls eyes.

    What i have come to learn in the last few weeks is that there are a lot of Hillary supporters, they just arent on the blogs complaining about x,y, or z. A lot of people i know read blogs, but dont really care to respond because they feel responses is falling on deaf ears (and in most instances they are right) but they are just content in supporting their candidate in other ways, whether its going to a rally in chelsea piers or actually taking time out to talk to their friends, co workers, classmates about actual issues and where HRC stands. The last thing i've found to be true is that when people arent sure who to support, and they come on sites like myDD and people are constantly complaininng about HRC, they get turned off by all of the negativity. This seems to be true with most of the population in general who dislike negative campaigning.

    Just some insight, in general, i'm calm, cool, collected and unphased by the invidiousness of some of the posts/diaries/blogs. But theres only so much before someone says something, you might have hit that mark on myDD, probably why there seems to be an uptick -

    on that note - back to property notes.

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    What about the firefighters gathering - most of the candidates were there - to say she is pandering is weak - almost every politician from NY has been up in arms over the lackluster support they've received from the current admin.

    This is what happens when people cant look at things objectively

  • Clinton's been in favor of changing Iraq strategy for over 2 years with redeployment. Obama is now also in favor of redeployment. Sorry Populist, but you're misinformed :)

  • there was also a repub maj in the senate when she tried, and it wasnt as big an issue as it is now - those things make all the difference

  • people post about her good qualities because there are so many more posts about why people dont like her - the qualities of the candidates get lost in this bickering of who is more progressive or who is more liberal or who has a better chance in the general election or this or that -

    There are countless posts on countless blogs about how candidates are liked, or unliked. But for the most part, people will make up their minds regardless of the posts, and negative posts about candidates only makes resolve greater -

  • Minority - not majority - in my family - sry


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