Help override the torture veto!

Today (March 11), the House is planning to hold a vote to override President Bush's veto of a bill that would prohibit the CIA from torturing detainees and prisoners. If this vote fails, President Bush and his allies in Congress will be sending a message to the world that we as a nation condone the use of torture by our agents.

On behalf of your country and its reputation around the world, please take a minute to urge your U.S. representative to override the president's veto. Just click on this link to get started: 5/t/1027/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=23638

Then, use the American Freedom Campaign's tell a friend option -- which will appear automatically after you send your email to your U.S. representative -- to encourage friends and family members to add their voices to yours.

Within hours, this vote will be over. So please take action as soon as possible.

Here is a little more background about the bill:

On February 13, following the lead of the U.S. House, the Senate gave final approval to the "Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008," which included a provision forcing the CIA to follow the interrogation and detention standards set out in the Army Field Manual. The Army Field Manual is more restrictive than the law under which the CIA currently operates under "the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005" which more generally prohibits "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment." The manual expressly prohibits waterboarding detainees, forcing prisoners to perform sexual acts, and many other objectionable interrogation "techniques."

On Saturday, March 8, President Bush vetoed the bill. He issued this veto despite the fact that many current and former military officials urged him to sign the bill. Even Gen. David Patraeus, the commanding general in Iraq, asserted that the techniques outlined in the Army Field Manual work effectively and humanely in eliciting information from detainees.

What kind of a nation have we become? Are we going to accept the inhumane actions of our commander in chief? The answer must be NO Please send an email to your U.S. representative right now by clicking on the following link: 5/t/1027/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=23638

Thanks so much for joining me in this effort.

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