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    Keep it up, Jonathan!  You've done some awesome work in the last few years and I'm looking forward to more.

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    The funny thing here is that Estabrook, who's considered the front-runner for the nomination to be thrown to the wolves, has only raised a paltry $100k.  That's less than one-sixth of the just-announced take from seventh district congressional candidate Linda Stender (who I work for). It's even less than fifth-district candidate Dennis Shulman, who's managed to nearly double her take, raising an impressive $190k for what promises to be a very tough race.

    My suggestion is that the GOP really ought to dump a ton of money into state party coffers if they want to turn things around. I would also like to suggest that they turn hard right on message if they would like to win. Hell, let me also throw out there the suggestion that they only recruit candidates who are criminally insane and make getting to the bottom of what really happened in Roswell in 1947 a major part of their platform. (Why not swing for the fences, right?)

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    The implication here is clear, emphasis mine:

    I was personally completely unaware of the existence of DailyKos prior to news connecting the YearlyKos convention and thus our airline ticket donation to DailyKos. I personally have never condoned and abhor anything hateful towards anyone and am fully confident that JetBlue's crewmembers share this view.

    He is implicitly giving weight to the O'Reilly/Malkin claim that the views regularly expressed on Daily Kos are "hateful" and not to be "condoned." He didn't specifically write, "whoa, you guys are totally right -- dKos is a hate site," but that was the message he was stupidly trying to send.

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    Mennonites have web sites?

  • Strawmen sure are easy to knock down, aren't they?

  • Obama is now at the bottom of my list to be the Dem nominee.

    Says the person with the "Hillary Clinton For President 2008!" sig file.

    Gimme a frickin' break. I cannot stand faux outrage from obviously interested parties.

  • It's true -- Jim Margolis is a good guy, and I believe a smart one. But Matt's criticism is of Margolis the old school consultant, not Margolis the nice Democrat.

    That said, I don't completely agree with his premise that Margolis being brought on board is proof-positive of Obama's campaign failing to strive for anything new. After all, Margolis was previously with Mark Warner's campaign, which started to run a different style of campaign, especially online.

  • Call me crazy, but I think Tom Kean Jr proved to be less popular than the senator, as well.

  • Republicans thought they could sneak off with a victory, but in the end Lautenberg won by 10 points.

    Not to be mean, but doesn't that (and other factors, like the D/R breakdown in approvals) kind of give it away?

  • The public polls are all so horribly inaccurate. Jersey is a state full of cynics who hear "do you have a moment to..." and hang up. I guess the Dems are just the more cynical bunch, which would seem to make sense, all things considered.

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    It's not insinuation -- it's deductive reasoning.

    That said, no one should construe this to mean that candidates are responsible for the actions of their supporters.  I'm pretty sure you're arguing with the commenters rather than me, as I tried to make it clear in my post that I don't think this was generated from the Clinton campaign, but that Dwyer wouldn't be shy about knocking one of the candidates competing with someone he supports.

    Had this same "controversy" happened with Clinton bloggers, I can't imagine that O'Dwyer would be issuing press releases accusing Hillary of "condoning bigotry" -- he'd have held his tongue.

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    Yeah, that's "code" like 2+2 is "code" for 4.

  • Man, am I clever or what?  So clever in fact, that I'm going to give myself a 3 rating.  Jonathan-self, feel free to reciprocate to Scott-self.  Or not.  Whatever I feel like doing.

  • This is an absolutely brilliant ad.  Branding a vote for Johnson as a vote of confidence in Governor Spitzer's reform agenda is an amazing pitch.

    The press release has the transcript of the ad, but the close of the ad warrants some extra commentary.


    On January first, we offered a new vision of reform outside the state capitol.

    Now we need the votes in the state capitol.

    Text on Screen:

    Finsh the job.

    Craig Johnson for State Senate
    Special Election, February 6th

    A vote for Johnson isn't simply about Johnson or his opponent.  It's about change, it's about reform, it's about the future, and perhaps most importantly, it's about the incredibly popular Spitzer.  It's about 'finishing the job'.

    Nice work, NY Dems.

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    This is actually something the conservative movement here in America has done very well at for the past few decades, only with a Euro-twist.  The Sort It site is all about building a culture conducive to Tory politics.

    When you say, "It's the kind of thing people typically get from magazines, newspapers, or organizations they trust," think Dr. Laura, and you get what I'm talking about.  There are all sorts of media mechanisms the right has developed in the US to push their agenda in ways that don't necessarily feel conservative.

    The site is instructive as a very modern model of how to build ideologically-driven culture, but that's just a start.  To really succeed, we ought to be looking at the cultural infrastructure conservatives have built right here at home as well.

    Good catch.  We ought to be sniffing out more ideas like this from around the world that can help us move the ball forward.


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