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    watching Dennis closely.  What has been his problem?  Is he just against anything that is not universal? or does he have another issue with it?

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    If she doesn't have enough votes, then she is taking a big risk with the leaks like this to the press. And I do believe it is the Dems who are putting this material out to the press.

  • My concern is where all this money is coming from.  We are already in debt to China up to our eyeballs, and it has reached the point where the return on a stimulus such as this does not outweigh the further debt.  What will be done with the rebate?  People will just spend more money buying crap from China. Maybe the tax money should be in the form of lowering the price of materials and goods made in the US so that the money stays here, or something creative.  Plenty of deserving lower income people or middle class people got the last one, and it was of no real help despite what the Wall Street Journal and other "experts" say.

  • Hate will make your heart rot.

  • Why yes, a play on words I had a chance to grab.  The discussion was of the O Base who I consider to be the part of the netroots who are losing their minds that Clintonites  are being employed in the administration. My thoughts automatically go to the snots on DailyKos.  Those purity types who can't for the life of  them understand that Clintonites are the ones with the experience and have as much right to be part of the process as any, I find revolting, and I always have.

  • I rarely come to this website anymore, and the comments in this diary are why.  There is nothing wrong with this diary, other than it contains other than the mantra allowed.  The level of ideas allowed here are narrower than ever.  It is a shame that people can't just read something they disagree with and move on.  At least it is exposure to something other than the regular preapproved rant.  

    Has anyone looked at mydds ranking at alexa.com lately?  In the last couple of months the traffic rank and number of views have dropped catestrophically compared to some other blogs, and it is not so unusual considering the limit on what is allowed to be posted by the same 10 to 20 posters on the site.

  • She said none of the reported stories about this were true.  So no, rumors don't count as cabinet posts.

  • And what good was Kerry's endorsement?  He is a loser, and I doubt it got Obama one single vote.  Hillary brought him thousands if not a million or more.  End of discussion.

  • In the primary, Hillary Clinton won every county but three. She won the state by 10 points over Obama with Obama getting most of the black vote. The Clintons are loved here and Hillary would have won easily regardless of the color of her voters.

  • Of course women would not be appointed who do not share the values of the party, but there is no shortage of women who are qualified in the Democratic party.  There are many, and there is an obligation in government to reflect the society which is being represented.  Perhaps if you are male, you would not understand the tiresome situation to say the least, of not being represented by other women year after year, decade after decade.  The tokenism is in saying well there are women in govt, and then appointing just enough to justify that statement and to shut women and others up.  I am no longer willing to accept the excuse that it would be affirmative action and for that reason would be inappropriate.  Concerted efforts to represent members of society proportionately is the only thing that has allowed advancement for anyone but white males in any number over the last 50 years. Disgarding equality out of fear of  tokenism is just an excuse to avoid reality and responsibility to do what is right.

    The Democratic party has in fact installed affirmation action and quotas within the delegate system so that all people are represented at the conventions.  Compare what our conventions look like to the Republican conventions and it becomes apparent what forced quotas can do for society.  We are obviously not to the point where equality is spontaneous in society.

  • Did you mean to say Edwards?  The thing is that I have been watching CNN and they have spent considerable time naming the positions and the names being floated, and position after position are males.  Once in a while the names you mention are mentioned, but I am not that sure any of them are serious.  Women are over half of this population and a huge part of Obama's election, and we are not just talking about fairness in appointing some, we are talking about his obligation to.  There is no way that there is a shortage of smart, capable women who have everyright to be a part of the govt. I am getting desperately tired of looking at men in government, and there are many many like me.

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    I agree.  Clinton made a real effort to have his cabinet and administration "look like America".  Even Bush appointed a lot of women.  I have been keeping an eye on Obama's choices, and potential choices being floated.  There are barely any but white men being mentioned.  It is very disappointing, and I intend to be loud and demanding if things continue this way through the term.  It looks ready to take a backward turn.

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    I love seeing Republicans wriggle and writhe on the floor from pain.  In your case, this is just the way you express your irrelevancy going forward. Hillary Clinton dwarfs you in every way possible as a human being and superior intellect.  Keep suffering.  I like it.

  • So now to speak and opinion about something in a diary is not allowed.  F you skex.

  • I think it would be more effective for the public to see the reality of the GOP's failures and the real culprits, rather than focus on one person as being what brought it down.  Shine a light on the reality of the failures of the party, the fact that McCain was all the party had to offer, and he is responsible for his own demise.  We can't stop the civil war, it's already started to drive them apart, but they should be made to take responsibility full on and not weasel their way out of it by destroying a person who they used to begin with.  The public shouldn't be made to ignore the reality and the pathetic failure that is the republican message, with attention diverted to some stupid shallow story based on fabricated information.  The real story is very involved and runs deep.  It's about time they had to own up to it in public.


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