Franken Watch: 221 To Go *important update*

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Latest MN Poll: Franken Leads By 5

From the diaries. A great result for Al from our pals at Public Policy Polling. And Scan gives us a bonus Hillary Clinton ad in which she endorses the (spirit of the) Road To 60 ActBlue page. Help Al as he tries to ensure this PPP result becomes reality on Tuesday - Todd

Is this Minnesota Senate race giving you heartburn too? Well here's an antacid: The latest poll there (Oct 28-30) has Al Franken leading Norm Coleman by 5.

Barack Obama is going to win an easy victory in Minnesota, the newest survey from Public Policy Polling finds. He leads John McCain 57-41 in the state.

The real story in Minnesota is the state's competitive race for US Senate, which remains tight although with a definite edge for Democratic nominee Al Franken. Franken leads with 45% of the vote, followed by incumbent Norm Coleman with 40%, and independent Dean Barkley with 14%.

PPP President Dean Debnam: "...Barack Obama's incredible popularity with the state's voters may have the secondary effect of putting Al Franken over the top in this incredibly tight Senate race."

Also of note, this poll sampled 1,050 likely voters, a much higher number than many other recent polls of this race.

Now, with a little help from his friend Barack and a great ground game...this one can definitely be won. And Franken better win, because Nov. 4th won't be complete without that nasty empty suit Bush crony Norm Coleman going down in flames.


I Was Wrong About Barack Obama

When Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3rd, the bruising primary battle was so rough that I felt I had no candidate to support.

Right and left, those who had been by my side fighting for America's undisputed progressive heroine were declaring themselves "PUMAs" and proudly swearing their allegiance to Republican John McCain. I was invited to join them, and it actually crossed my mind a few times.

How could this happen? Simple. The fight in favor of one candidate had become so intense that it had transformed her primary opponent into someone who's defeat became the only goal. Somewhere along the line, the person I supported became the cause, with the beliefs behind it all taking a back seat. This had never happened with me before.

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She Can't Even Name a Major Publication

Are we sure this isn't a Tina Fey sketch? I'm not convinced.

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New Poll: Franken 41% / Coleman 40%

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Stoking the Fire (and Brimstone)

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Video: Hillary and the roll call vote

See for yourself:

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The New Federalist

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Hillary, Our Hillary

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The Democratic Way

As this historic and unbelievably close Democratic primary season winds down, let's take a step back and consider what a stunning situation we have found ourselves in.

Right now, we have one candidate who leads in elected delegates and another who leads in the popular vote. It's almost unprecedented, and no one could have guessed we'd be in this position a year ago. Next to Florida in 2000, this has been the most incredible election contest I have ever witnessed, and it's not even over yet.

In August, it will be the Democratic superdelegates who will decide this contest with their votes at the convention. So...what's the most democratic way to determine the winner here? And, all essential questions of electability aside, who has the democratic moral high ground as the voting comes to a close?

Barack Obama's lead in elected delegates is impressive, but I believe it is an extremely flawed measurement. You see, delegates are malleable. With the right strategy and pressure, they can be changed at will. These changes can occur at local conventions, in DNC meeting rooms, or simply in the brain of an elected delegate with a change of heart. The will of the voters often has nothing to do with it.

There are many examples that prove this point, and here are a few of them. (Delegate totals courtesy of CNN).

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