• If you have any doubts about Gore or just need a refresher, sit down with a cup o joe and/or a snack for about an hour and listen to this inspired speech. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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    I think he's running for Secretary of State in the next Democratic (Gore hoefully) administration. While I like Joe, Id rather see him in Labor or even Homeland security.

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    Excellent post and couldn't agree more.
    From now on, YOU, Chris Bowers, are my leader...(just kidding)
  • Gore is our only hope for the US and the world.
    Beside the book in May, he also has the concert in the summer and the Nobel nomination in the fall. I think he's playing this "un-campaign" like the master that he has become. It's being reported that he's even beginning to lose weight.(good move)

    Gore/Richardson is my first choice but i'd settle for Gore/Obama (for the MSM excitement factor)...and I mean settle...other than the celebrity factor to draw crowds and the ability to deliver a good speech, I'm not that impressed.

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    Pericles (above) is correct.
    Either Levin truly believes, as a  minority of militant Israelis believe, that the US should remain in Iraq indefinately, or he is beholden to Israeli interests because of the huge amount he accepts from their US political arm, AIPAC.
    Either way it's bad for US interests and good for Israeli interests.
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    No to Hastings No to Harmen.

    Yes to RUSH HOLT NJ who has the experience, the track record,the unquestioned integrity and the intellect for the task.

    It would be nice to see a new face at the table...and one that could be trusted.

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    One huge item that's missing is to secure our democracy by insuring that all voting machines produce a paper trail.

    This last election restored my faith in the collective intelligence of the American people to make the right choice. Without a verfiable vote count however the next election may again be stolen as were the last two presidential elections.( Presidential elections are easier to steal because they need focus on only one or two key states.'00/FL '04/OH respectively)

    #1 Insure the people's voice is heard...Paper trail now!

    Those who vote don't decide elections, those who count the votes decide elections
    Joseph Stalin (paraphrase}

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    Politics64, You're right on...

    Defund the Iraq War

    Fully Fund a War on Terrorism focused on Afghanistan (Finding OBL), Al-Quada and Intelligence police driven rather than military driven crushing of terror cells.

    Conduct War Profiteering Hearings (ala Truman Commision)

    Pass re-regulation of the Telecom industry (a modern day Sherman Anti Trust Act)

    Pass an Energy Bill equivelent to the Manhattan Project and Space Program for energy independence by 2020

    Conduct Hearings on windfall energy profits

    Toss medicare Part D and replace with a full Universal Health Care initiative including pharmaceutical, mental health, Early Intervention for children (OT, PT, Speech, special needs) and full substance abuse treatment.

    Pass a wide sweeping environmental bill to reduce greenhouse gases and correct the abuses of healthy forest, clean sky's and Clean water acts.

    Fully fund Low Interest College Student Loan and public school education building and 100,000 teacher programs.

    Pass a comprehensive Veteran Act Program restoring full VA Hospital, Education Grants, Low Interest Mortgages and increased retirement pensions for the armed forces.

    Gore/Richardson 2008!!


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