NC-Sen: It's an Elaine MarshallBomb, October 8th!

Public Policy Polling, from my home state of NC, called Richard Burr "the most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the country."

His opponent, Elaine Marshall, is a proven fighter and would be a great progressive voice in the U.S. Senate - perhaps the only true southern progressive in the chamber.

So why on Earth aren't we doing everything we can to get her elected?

That question led me to develop and plan a moneybomb for Elaine Marshall, to go to New Jersey to film some video, and put my PAC (Grassroots Farm Team) into full gear to keep North Carolina blue.

In 2008, progressive groups, identity PACs, the DSCC, and thousands of North Carolinians stood up to the idea that Senator Elizabeth Dole was unbeatable. Dole's opponent, Kay Hagan, brought all of these groups together to defeat a recalcitrant Washington insider who thought she could "represent" North Carolina from the Watergate Hotel.

I worked on the campaign of Hagan's main primary opponent, and I can tell you personally that Hagan deserved the support she got. She was a hard worker, a charming politician, and a candidate who got better every day. She won the primary by over 40 percent, and the first time she saw me after the primary she came up, gave me a big hug, and asked for my support.

Kay Hagan had the courage to stand up when few other candidates would. She was told the race was unwinnable, especially by a State Senator. But she stood up, and she won.

A year ago Elaine Marshall entered the race to become North Carolina's next Senator. She knew she would have a harder race than Sen. Hagan had. She knew Richard Burr would have lots more money than Richard Petty, who she beat in 1996 to become the first woman elected to statewide office in North Carolina. She also knew she'd probably have to face a hard primary to win the nomination, going up against the DSCC.

In spite of all of that, Elaine won the primary and the runoff by large margins. She triumphed because Democratic and independent voters in North Carolina know she has an impressive record of service, of fighting for the little guy, of staying above the muck when the stink of corruption hit Raleigh. They fought for her over her primary opponents because they knew they'd be getting a progressive fighter in the Senate - someone who supports real health care reform, someone who stands for LGBT rights, someone we can be proud of in Washington.

And now,



Marshall is in the race. Richard Burr (who sold out American national security, took tons of special interest money from big oil, and who would be a huge threat if he were to become chairman or ranking member of the Senate Energy Committee) is way below 50% in the polls. Also, no man has EVER defeated a woman in a partisan, statewide general election in North Carolina.

She's right on the economy. She's right on equal rights. She's right for North Carolina. Elaine Marshall can beat Richard Burr, and she would be an AMAZING United States Senator.

And yet, the DSCC isn't running great ads for Marshall. I don't see the Elaine Marshall moneybomb, I don't see tons of money from EMILY'S List, I don't see all of the excitement there should be for this great candidate.

We decided to do something about it. I don't work for the campaign, but Elaine is a friend and she deserves my support.

So I'm proud to announce the opening of!

Go Elaine Go! is an all-volunteer project with two goals: one, of course, is to send one of North Carolina’s most accomplished public servants, Secretary Elaine Marshall, to represent our great state in the United States Senate.

The other goal is to give Elaine’s inspirational campaign the resources to fight North Carolina’s right-wing fringe. We created Go Elaine Go! so that North Carolinians and progressive Americans who are ready to fight for the beliefs that made our country great have a way to join this year’s most important campaign.

Kay Hagan was a great candidate, but she had a lot of help in order to beat Elizabeth Dole. Elaine Marshall is an even BETTER candidate, would be an amazing senator, and can beat Richard Burr - but she needs your help:

Attend the facebook event here and invite your progressive friends.

Follow the MarshallBomb on Twitter.

Bookmark the MarshallBomb ActBlue Page so you can be one of the 1010 donors who helps Elaine before 10.10.10!

Help the Grassroots Farm Team out so we can pay for the advertisements to make the MarshallBomb huge!

We need Elaine in the U.S. Senate, but she can't do it without us. Don't give up hope - help us get the message out!

Sam Spencer
Executive Director
Grassroots Farm Team PAC

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