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    Intentionally left blank (okay, accidentally left blank).

    Did you know that 16 of our presidents had last names ending in "n" (more than any other letter) .........must mean Clinton will get elected...unless it's Thompson, or Biden or......

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    c'mon, Jeremiah...you didn't 'get'

    Bravo, here's Obama  ???

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    How about:

    Bravo, here's Obama

  • Well, gee, I don't "know" her. I just know how she voted in '02...nothing courageous about that. And my opinion about her lack of humility is based partly on her refusal to apologize for that vote.

    I never said she was a 'vile shrew', I don't think she is a vile shrew...but you have certainly mastered the Republican approach to framing for the opposition.

    And, I am really tired of the insults directed to people who are not Clinton supporters. I am not 'deluded.' Can any of you ever try to disagree with a bit of class rather than the manner in which you do?

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    I supported Clark in '04, but I'm a little surprised by his comments for why he is supporting Clinton. Hillary is many things (and I will certainly vote for her if she is the nominee) but courageous and humble are not among those things.

    Good endorsement for Hillary, tho.

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    May I remind you, George, that one of the most ardent Clinton supporters here has stated that s/he will not vote for any D except Hillary. That was okay with you? You didn't call him/her out on that?

    That supporter - and others - have spent the majority of the time bashing Obama and Edwards. That's okay?

    Hypocrisy is so unbecoming..........

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    Interesting analysis. There's something for each of the candidates to learn from your diary. I hope our nominee pays attention.

  • You're right; I should have included that.

  • I agree, Steve. areyouready and her/his cohorts - with a couple of exceptions - are incapable of writing anything that doesn't demean Obama. Guess they must be pretty scared of him to have to resort to such childish behavior. If I were as big of a fan of Hillary as they purport to be, I'd be writing pieces describing why my candidate is the best....not picking on some naive, elitist vanity candidate. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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    You beat me to it. I was going to suggest there might be a soldier or two in Iraq who would like to be adopted by Mitt so they too can travel this country.

    Somedays I think Gravel could be nominated and we'd still win........

  • "Be kind to those 'undecides'"

    It would also be nice if you could be kind to people who are supporting other candidates. Who knows? If you and your friends stopped describing us as losers, idiots, surreal et al, we might listen to what you have to say. As it is, I read your posts only to see what new sophomoric derision you can throw our way. I wonder how you are going to treat us if Hillary wins the nomination and you want our support....

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    ..and supporters of all candidates other than mine are idiots, misinterpreting facts, and just plain pitiful.

    Great diary! Maybe you should run this weekly.

  • Actually, W. failed at everything he did prior to becoming governor. He was only an "oil tycoon" in his own mind (funded by daddy's friends) and a "business executive" of the Texas Rangers (part owner). The joke in Texas was 'when will daddy find something George can actually do?' He beat Ann Richards in his first race for governor. Ann had been elected in this red state only because her opponent made one outrageously bad comment: "the weather is like being raped; you can't do anything about it, so lay down and enjoy it." Texas has been historically conservative (even when Democrats held all the offices). Red was back in power with W. and hasn't changed much since.

  • It would be nice if we had something other than candles to light our house.

    Nothing will ever replace the Pony Express.

    I'm sure glad someone invented the telegraph. We've reached the pinnacle of communications.

    People can't fly! What are you thinking?

    Go to the moon? You've got to be kidding.


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