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    Jeez folks. We don't need to worry about Rovian tactics, we're doing a much more straight forward job here on MyDD. "You're a liar" "You're a loser" "You are blind" "You are a hater". Good lord people. Listen to what you are doing. Talk about mudslinging! And don't give me that crap about this is what people do on blogs. Children maybe. Not adults who are allegedly interested in the government of our country.

    Republicans won't have to do a thing to prepare for the general election. They can just review all the print-outs they have from this site - and then accurately quote everyone who has spewed their hate for our nominee (as well as the hate spewed by the nominee's supporters).

    Can't you just stop it? Or are you just having so much fun that you don't mind how fu*&ing obnoxious you 'sound'?  

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    There's been a rumor for some time (a month, maybe) that the LA Times has scandalous information of a sex nature on a candidate but have not decided if it should be published. An additional rumor is that it is about Hillary.

    I don't have a clue what the truth is.

    I am not a Hillary fan, but I do believe supporters of a candidate may act on their own without approval from the campaign. (Am I naive?) I can't believe Hillary would be dumb enough to do something like this (am I exceptionally naive?).

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    Just for the record (based on the members' votes in three areas: economic issues, social issues, and foreign policy, 2006):

    Obama's voting record is the most liberal of any candidate currently in the Senate or House, according to a National Journal analysis. Obama's score is even higher than that of Dennis Kucinich.

    Hillary's score was 70.2

    http://nationaljournal.com/voteratings/i ndex.htm#search

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    You guys aren't giving Bill enough credit. He is a master at saying things in a way that they can be interpreted however the listener hears them. Hillary supporters heard him knocking the Republicans. Supporters of other candidates heard him swiftboating  those candidates. The man is a genius.

  • And what is calling a fellow Dem "naive and irresponsible"?

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    Thank you for this diary.

    For others posting here, McClurkin was not chosen to 'represent' Obama nor to 'speak' for him. He was chosen to sing before an audience that thinks is a great singer. Can you please drop this misrepresentation.

    One of my best friends from college was among the first group of men to die from AIDS. Since that time I have supported, worked for, and contributed to issues important to the LGBT community - issues that I hope become important to everyone. If the LGBT community can look at Obama's record on LGBT issues and think his participating in a tour that McClurkin is part of is worth "throwing him under the bus" for, I fear the chance to get what you want will be greatly lessened. Preaching to the choir (no pun intended) is rarely enough to get what we want. Imagine having a president who agrees with you who can talk with the people who disagree with you!

  • Thank you for saying what I couldn't have said half as well as you did.

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    Would you rather we talk about the comments Hillary made supporting her vote?

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    For moderators: If I constantly call people idiots and threaten that funding will be denied once Hillary is office can I stay on this site, too, and not be banned?

    For dem dem: please tell us more about how important you are and how many important people you know and how much experience you have. For the record, if Molly Ivins were still here, she would direct her famous wit at you that you dare call yourself a yellow dog dem. She also said, "think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous." You make it so easy.........

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    Thanks for the report. I like to read 'on the ground' reports about all canvassing. Like everyone who is supporting a particular candidate, I especially like them when they are good news for my candidate!

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    It seems as if ugliness as well as beauty is in the eye of the beholder....

    I was here before X (un-named person - so I don't break any rules...but s/he has been banned and keeps coming back under a different name) came to the site. There were many diaries and comments critical of my candidate before X came, but I don't remember the constant demeaning name-calling of supporters of any particular candidate until after X came. Besides being offensive, it is childish and totally takes away from what I thought this site was meant to be.

    Please fix it, Todd (even if it takes some time you don't really have) or just turn it over to the people who like to describe others as losers, deluded, crazy, etc...

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    ...go back and find the statement/s by areyouready that s/he would not vote for anyone but Hillary. Just want you to be inclusive when you tell people they aren't Democrats.

  • Thanks for making the point of why I'm sending an email to Vox.

    I can take the criticism of 'my' candidate. What irritates the hell out of me is that Hillary supporters personally attack the non-Hillary supporters - a style learned, I guess, at the feet of Ann Coulter.

    Losers, indeed.

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    I think it's so thoughtful of you to point out typos in iamready's and lovingj's writing. No one else ever makes them so it's important they are commented on when made by NHRCS (Non-Hillary Rodham Clinton Supporters). And, I'm glad you find their 'rants' charming. How sweet of you.

    It's good to know you think there are still people left who "..will do an excellent job holding down the fort for the Obamaphiles." My gracious, without them this site would be taken over by who knows who.

    The only thing in your post I didn't need to be told about was assholes.

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    I'm not sure you get it.

    For me - as a non-Clinton supporter - it's about being called a loser, deluded, and more demeaning names than I can remember. It's about all but a few of the Clinton supporters being abrasive, rude, arrogant and hostile in their comments.

    I started to say that I think you mistakenly assume someone is leaving because a candidate other than theirs is "trouncing all others." But that's wrong. I think you say that because you have to get another slam into a non-HRC supporter. You want all of us to go away.

    Too bad.


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