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    I canvassed in Dallas today. One older (74) man said he wanted to vote for "the American" and pointed out that Obama was born in Hawaii and McCain in Panama..so he didn't know who he'd vote for. I tried to explain that both were Americans...then I figured out he was just teasing us. Something funny always happens when canvassing.

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    A simple reason: if you grow up in a home where bigotry and racism are accepted, where you hear that "others" (Democrats, Jews, blacks, women, Catholics - whatever) are bad and the cause of all the problems in the world, it is very hard to separate from that. It becomes as much a part of who you are as anything you do regularly (brushing your teeth, hanging out at the local bar, etc.). You don't have to think about issues; you've had a lifetime of being trained to know what words are good (Victory in Iraq!) and what words are bad (pro-choice). It's why appeals to emotion (and lies) help Republicans win.

  • Find some videos of the conventions since the mid-'70s. I don't think they would be too different - on either side - from what we just saw in Denver and St. Paul.

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    Thanks, Jerome. In case I had a passing thought that you didn't want McCain to win as much as Sean Hannity does, you removed any doubt. "The guy can't lift his arms.." Are you even a little ashamed of using that line?

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    JFC. Are you never going to let this go? Obama does not need to explain to anyone why he chose Biden instead of Clinton or Dodd or Kaine or Richardson or Bayh or Clark. He did it for the same reason Hillary would have made her VP choice - because it's the person s/he wanted to work with.

    His job - if he wants your vote or my vote - is to explain what he wants to do as president..the things he will fight for and the things he will fight against. You and I will decide if we want him or McCain to be our president. If you need something more from him than that, you should just go ahead and do what you clearly want to do: vote against him.

    And every time you and people who believe the way you do keep writing things like this and think if Obama loses you can get Hillary elected in 2012.. you won't be angry, will you, when - at that time - the other 18 million of us remind you how divisive you were in 2008 and how you kept Obama from being elected. Support for Hillary then? Ha.

  • I guess you meant this as a compliment...but it reads like an insult. Just out of curiosity, do you know any candidates for president that haven't had a 'healthy' ego?

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    And if any woman who supported Hillary thinks a vote for Palin is a good move for women....maybe they weren't for what Hillary believed in after all.

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    It's an insult to any woman who has ever worked hard to work her way up in politics (or anything else for that matter). Selecting Ms. Palin is a choice of pandering. Hey! Look! She's not qualified but she has a vagina! So what if she has no foreign policy experience, governs a state smaller than many cities....she's pretty, she can talk and chew gum at the same time, she has a vagina!

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    You said:

    "We need a united party to win in November.  What's the best way to achieve this?  I challenge you to come up with a better solution."

    My solution: Everyone who supported Hillary should join us in making sure a Democrat is the next President of the United States.

    The idea that the thought of John McCain as president is not enough to sway Hillary hold-outs to supporting Obama is mind-boggling to me. Hillary was not my first choice, but I would already be canvassing for her if she were the nominee. When making some kind of point becomes more important than keeping a Republican out of the White House, I am afraid for the future of our country.

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    Is that you PUMA?

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    "Your loser candidate is going down...Hillary in 2012."  That would be your dream come true, wouldn't it? And you think she would win? We probably need to talk........

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    Interesting that you thought 'skanks' referred to Clinton supporters rather than to Republicans trying to create chaos here.

  • Mojo for your comments about Jerome sharing some of the sentiments of the trolls. But, DailyKos seems to have settled down since the primaries...why can't Jerome get it done here? (or did my first comment answer my question?)

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    I can't imagine that a man with a wife and advisor as smart and classy as Elizabeth Edwards would use the word pussy in a conversation that he knew could be repeated.

    Mark did Edwards a disservice by not identifying whose words he was conveying.

  • "Why care what people who don't support you think?"

    Maybe because those are the ones you are trying to win over?

    "Attack, Attack, and present a reason to vote against Obama."

    Or maybe you could present a reason to vote for Hillary?


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