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    Reports from TPM are that Bayh's campaign was actively working for his re-election last week. What happened over the weekend?

  • Duh. You're right. The partisan breakdown is the biggest story from this poll; don't know why it was left out.

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    I knew he was a narcissist, delusional, and incapable of lowering himself to running for a congressional seat, but since I stopped paying attention to him a long time ago, I didn't know he was a racist.

    He is not a nice man.

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    Thanks for this analysis. It helped me understand what may be going on re Lieberman's future position with the Democrats.

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    And Christopher Buckley and Christopher Hitchens endorsed Obama because? Guess they have some black blood.
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    I have written my senators urging them to speak out against these calls. Since they are both Republicans, I pointed out that these calls - in the name of the RNC - hurts them as well as the entire Republican Party. I'm expecting a response from Cornyn and Hutchison any moment now....... Anyone living in Nebraska that could write Hagel?
  • "who is to say which man's account is accurate?" Well, I certainly would believe McCain. Throughout his life - and certainly during this campaign - he has proven himself to be a man of honor and integrity. A man who has never lied or misled his country (or his wife). A man whose word is respected worldwide. A man who would never change his "facts" from one week to the next. A man who can be respected because he shows so much respect to others. That's what I have to say about which man's account might be more accurate.
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    Beautiful response. You do your grandparents proud. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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    I would like to believe you are right, but...what are they waiting for? Are they not speaking out because they are not doing the hate mongering? Are they not speaking out because their name is not John or Sarah? I'm not waiting until violence occurs to say all of them are cowards. If they don't already think that what the McCain-Palin campaign is doing is destructive and dangerous and are unwilling to publicly say so they have no honor and they *are* cowards. They will not be able to redeem themselves by saying, 'I was just about to speak out.' Shame on all of them.
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    It's time for some of the 'big name' Republicans to speak out (it's probably past time) against the hate being generated by the McCain Palin campaign. Where the hell are they? I'm left to believe that by their silence they are willing to support this behavior. Have none of them any sense of decency?
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    See Rachel Maddow. She read the 'not guilty' news on her show tonight.
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    but, I mean, wasn't Wooten a terrorist or something? How could Sarah allow him to be the 'Safety Bear.' Wouldn't that be posing a terrible risk to the children? Besides being incredibly unqualified to hold any public office, besides being ignorant of the world, besides being uninterested in the world, how fu^king petty.
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    One correction to your comments: Joe Lieberman doesn't have a soul to sell.

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    Palin definitely won "cute." Just what I always wanted in a Vice-President.

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    Glad to have your support, owl.

    Had Hillary won, I could have written this same kind of diary (still mad at Hillary supporters, for example). But, casting my vote for presidential nominee Hillary would never have been in doubt.

    The Palin choice is an insult to all women (on so many levels) and a special insult to female supporters of Hillary who chose her because of what she stood for, not because she is a women. Palin shares nothing with Hillary beyond gynecological makeup. To think that those women would vote for McCain/Palin because a woman is on the ticket is obscene. It ignores the fact that Hillary, besides having at least 50 IQ points on Palin, has actually thought about what she believes, learned history, has experience - and is a true supporter of women. Women are not interchangeable.

    Sorry about the rant...


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