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    So in other words, the big knock on the Republicans is that they're trigger-happy and irresponsible? I like it. It may be as silly and simplistic as "dems are soft on terrorism", but if simplistic is what works, so be it; and besides, "irresponsible, trigger-happy Republicans" is at least somewhat accurate, and provable.

  • He's not satisfied just to appease, he thinks all Democrats should. Lieberman is advocating an effectively one-party state. He doesn't mind the appearance of two parties, as long as the disagreements are petty and superficial; on anything substantive he seems to believe we should at most stage a debate for appearance's sake and then march in lock step. Nothing new here: "unity" is the siren song of totalitarianism--there is comfort in unity, power in unity, and pride. And the politician willing to betray his nation for one last easy chance at glory or riches: that's an old, old story, too.

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    Ironically, West Wing star Martin Sheen is himself a well-known grassroots "nutjob", with more than 70 arrests for civil disobedience in the course of protesting things like the treatment of farmworkers, weapons programs, the school of the americas, etc.


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