New General Election Numbers From Rasmussen

Can Romney win his home state? Is Virginia a slam-dunk for Warner? Will the state be in play for the 2008 presidential election? Can Democrats win the Senate in Minnesota? All this and more is answered in today's Rasmussen Report.

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John Edwards Carries a List of Possible Cabinet Appointees

It is never too early to talk about Cabinet appointees. Right?

Apparently John Edwards does not think so and apparently carries a list of possible Cabinet appointees, which may or may not include Republicans and Independents.

Not so bad. But may I remind John Edwards, he needs to win the nomination first and at this momement in time, it is not looking good, except in Iowa where he has a fighting chance.

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Who is More Religious?

Religion has become a sizable factor in U.S. elections, particularly in the Republican nomination, where the religious right holds tremendous influence on who will represent the Party and its platform. Today, it is almost impossible for an atheist or an agnostic to get elected and religion plays an important role on many important social issues such as abortion and gay marriage and to a lesser extent, global warming.

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