• I've been rooting for Duckworth since Obama won, so I hope she is the next Senator.

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    To be honest, I'm actually completely thrilled. Blagojevich is the most corrupt politician in this country today and its about time he pay his dues. Get him out of Illinois. Now.

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    I'm not entirely thrilled by this. I want someone with the gravitas of Hillary Clinton, which is why I like Cuomo. He has earned his place in public services as HUD Secretary and winning a statewide election. I wouldn't mind someone from LI or upstate either. All the female candidates I have heard of just does not excite me.

    Give Caroline Ambassador to the U.K. and then UN Ambassador if and when Obama wins a second term.

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    Oh come on guys give it a break. He was at a party having fun. I'm sure ALL of us have done questionable things in our lives.

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    I think it is kind of funny. Hey, I was a Clinton supporter and I could find myself doing the exact same thing with a bunch of friends at a party. No big deal and Clinton does not seem to have any hard feelings. He is 27, having fun. He is talented and I see no reason for him to be fired.

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    Well cross Florida off the list. Jeb Bush is very popular in Florida, he will win the seat if he runs.

  • Listen, people may think I hate Maddow, I don't. She clearly have a future in the network, she just does not fit the mold for MTP. Why not give her a second hour. 6PM and 9PM or 7PM and 9PM. (BTW, MSNBC desperately needs to get rid of Matthews second re-run hour).

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    Gregory is far more capable than Maddow. Give me a break here. You guys forget his days as White House Correspondent.

    What most of you are looking for is a liberal who would further the Party's agenda, but that is not what MTP is about.

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    I never said she was weak, I said she lacks the credibility and I stand by that. It is beyond me that people would put Russert and Maddow on the same page. It is beyond me people would put Maddow and Gregory on the same page.

    BTW, if people want to hide rate me because they dislike what I have to say, please read the rules and terms of the rating system before you rate again.

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    Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

    Maddow is not the way to go for a show that requires credibility and unbiased, tough questioning.

  • Speculation includes Colin Powell, Congressman George Miller, former Senator David Boren, former Governor Tom Kean and NYC School Chancellor Joe Klein.

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    Where is this hate coming from?

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    You're not reading carefully. The Constitution basically says that no Representative or Congressman can be appointed to a Civil Office of the United States (such as a Cabinet Secretary) if the salary of the position was increased during the time of that Congressperson's term. The intention here is to make sure there is no conflict of interest. The thing is, in Clinton's case, her pay raise will be minuscule, not to mention she makes a hell of a lot more through her books. In today's modern world, such a clause is pretty much irrelevant as most appointees are not in it for the money.

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    Listen, Richardson loves foreign affairs. Now, instead of State he gets Commerce, which, guess what, oversees the International Trade Administration.

    Richardson WANTS this job otherwise he would not have taken it, so stop trying to make something of it.

    Do your research on what these Departments do before you make a baseless judgment.

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    So, what say you on the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution regarding the appointment of Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

    Here is the clause:

    No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

    President's have worked around this clause in the past, called the "Saxbe fix." Nixon used it for William Saxbe, Carter used it for Edmund Muskie and Clinton used it for Bentsen.

    Another way to get around this kicker is that the Constitution was very specific on the gender of said Senator or Representative. Though, that is in the most strict interpretation of the Constitution.


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