• Buddy, have some objectivity. It's so lacking these days.

    Listen, you look at the dynamic of the race TODAY, if Edwards is the nominee today, he is the most electable. Electable by definition means the ability to be elected (not nominated). Clinton and Obama can be elected, but right now, Edwards provides a Democratic landslide. The problem for Edwards is the outlook is dwindling and I'm beginning to think Clinton will be the most electable due to her high base of support and her inroads in moderate Republican women.

    Most electable Democrat TODAY?

    1. Edwards

    1. Clinton (my candidate)
    2. Obama
    3. Richardson

    Most electable Republican TODAY?

    1. Giuliani

    1. McCain
    2. Thompson
    3. Romney (though I personally think if he is the nominee, he could beat a Democrat.)

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    I don't see the contradiction. You see, Democrats hate this war so much that they don't want to hear good news anymore. There are successes. No one said the surge is going to remove or kill all terrorist in the country. What we need in association with a military surge is a political surge, and that is no where to be found.

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    "The next president which I know will be a dem may have to deal with it."

    Which is the unfortunate thing. This war should have never been left to the next Administration.

  • Buddy, I may not like Edwards (I'm a Clinton supporter), but Edwards is currently the most electable Democratic candidate.

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    You know, I'm proud to be a Democrat, but I just find it amazing that my Party immediately turned their back on the war, only months into it because our soldiers began to die and the mission began to get hard. Why didn't our Party ask what can we do? Why didn't we ask how can we win? I know this is no WWII, but it is still war. Don't get me wrong, I put all the blame on the Bush Administration for the mismanagement of the war, but we turned our backs on the mission. You want to curse me? You want to call me un-Democratic, fine go ahead, but I'm still a proud Democrat.

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    Where the hell did you get 70,000 troops from? Point me to a link and I will shut up.

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    Can Democrats give credit where credit is due? Seriously, sometimes I wonder where my Party is going with this war. It disgusts me sometimes. The surge has had its success, but unless there is political advancement in Iraq, all our hard work will be lost once we draw down troops.

    You should not be asking when is the pull out date. You should be asking how do we win and what can I do to help.

    Nationalism in this country sucks!

  • Mississippi?! HA! HA! HA! Mississippi?! A Democrat for Mississippi? Boy you are funny. You just made my day. Mississippi. Ha! Ha! A Democrat, even a black Democrat won't win Mississippi for another few election cycles. Maybe Georgia, but not Mississippi. Almost half the voters are in MS is Conservative by ideology. And about a third of the voters in 2004 were African American and Kerry got almost all of them yet he lost the state by 20 points. No Democrat can win Mississippi in 2008. Obama maybe be able to bring that margin down to 5%-10%, but he cannot win MS.

    His chances in SC and GA is a little better, but it will take lots of money and lots of hard work.

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    Since Richardson aired his humorous experience ads, he rocketed to about 8%-12% and remained that way ever since. That could change, but he needs to try harder in the state. Right now, he could be t 10%, but if he does not hit 15%, he is not getting any delegates. Not that the matters in this race. It's what you place.

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    Buddy, Obama could have all the field offices he wants, but the caucus works against him. This is no primary.

    As Dallas said, you need to know the process before throwing around meaningless numbers. Can he win the state? Possibly, but I'm not expecting it.

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    Yeah. Yepsen has been fairly balanced this election cycle. He has given credit where credit is due.

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    The best time to actually start studying Iowa polls is one month before the caucus. Even then it could be too early. Dean's lead was erased in a matter of days before the caucus. It's just amazing.

    Still, it is fun to look at these polls, look at the movement and the internals and debate them.


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