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    I find it hard to believe that Obama would offer Biden a choice of Secretary of State in August, months before the election.

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    The poll shows Kennedy is a polarizing figure. She will rally the Republicans and does not pick up as many Independents. Cuomo on the other hand gets support from across the board, much like Clinton in 2006. I think Kennedy will ultimately beat King by 10 points, but if Giuliani runs, that may be interesting. Either way, I still don't support Kennedy for this honor. Obama should give her US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. I guess he's waiting to see if she gets the seat.
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    Wait, so a Democrat cannot criticize a Democrat? Since when did Obama become King? If we cannot criticize Obama then we become the Republicans who allowed Bush to run wild in government. I don't want that.
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    Unfortunately, from what has been reported in recent days, Paterson has made the wrong choice.
  • Maybe I should have articulated it better, as Washington says you weren't for obama nor were the dozens that have been criticizing Caroline over the weeks here (or In doilykos/Huntington). maybe your days of being against obama are over but your days of being against his supporters are not (one of them is Caroline). since to date I cant find that many Primary obama supporters on blogs who are against her, all I see are Clinton people in NY and else where who are either cool or opposing her.
    Again, read my post above yours. I consider this a great insult as I voted for Obama, rallied for Obama and raised money for Obama. This has NOTHING to do with Obama. This has EVERYTHING to do with Caroline Kennedy. Stop trying to make this into something it is not.
  • ...and 100% against Obama.
    I consider that a great insult. I supported Obama throughout the general election. I voted for him, I rallied for him and raised money for him. Have I criticized Obama? YES! I also criticized Clinton when I supported her. I'm not a blind lefty Democrat. I hold my leaders accountable, but people here often see that as speaking against, or not supporting Obama. It truly is sad. Was I angry when Senator Kennedy endorsed Obama. YES! You would be angry if Kennedy had endorsed Clinton. I certainly felt vindicated when she won the MA primary. I am a New Yorker by the way. I have lived in New York City for the last 12 years and I expect a lot from my leaders.
  • Well, first of all, I am not, nor have I ever been a PUMA. In fact, if you search through my comments, you will see I have been highly critical of the PUMA's. So, in that regard you look like an ass.

    Second, this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or the election. It has every thing to do with Caroline Kennedy and whether she deserves this honor. I don't hold drudges. This is politics. But, I believe there are people, men and women, who have served New York in a far more greater capacity and have earned their place in New York politics. So, again, you look like an ass.

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    One of the worst picks ever (not the worst). I'm sorry. I am greatly disappointed in this pick if it comes to fruition. This is simply a famous name getting appointed because it is a famous name. I'm sorry, this New Yorker demands something better. And I certainly hope she is opposed in the 2010 primary (she will likely win). But give me a damn choice.

    BTW, this is not trollish, it simply a New York Democrat voicing his opinion on Caroline Kennedy as the next Senator of New York. So those of you who want to hide my comments, so be it, but I re-post it.

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    I am all for a senior statesman caretaker. It will allow anyone to RUN and EARN the seat.

  • Republicans AND Independents support Cuomo (in this poll), which means winning upstate, which means a very good probability of winning what's left of vulnerable Republican seats in the State House and State Senate. Not to mention it will make Patterson's race a hell of a lot easier. Republicans are likely to field a very strong Republican candidate such as Congressman King. I would rather put up a candidate who has the proven ability and know-how to get things done, someone who actually has a record and someone who has appeal across the board. Someone who could actually put up a fight.

    The only reason Kennedy is a candidate is her last name. Face it. The only qualification she has is a part-time job raising money for education. Give me a small staff and I could do that (this is not to diminish her ability as a fundraiser, she brought in a lot of money for education and I thank her for that).

    Democrats will vote for the Democrat regardless, but Clinton won 20% of Republicans and 64% of Independents in 2006.

    Whomever the Democrats field is likely to win in 2010 and in 2012, but I would rather have someone appointed to the seat who actually earned their place in New York politics and deserves this honor.

  • If you're trying to be a sarcastic smart ass, I suppose I should say congratulations. Frankly, I don't care. I'm just exercising my right on this forum to express my opinions.

  • The appointment if for Senator of New York State, not Senator for 41% of Democrats in New York State.

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    Title of the diary is very misleading.

    This New Yorker does NOT support Caroline Kennedy for Senate.

  • Sorry, but I adamantly oppose Caroline Kennedy as United States Senator from New York. This is not about Kennedy endorsing Obama, she is free to support whomever she pleases in an election. That's all I have to say.

  • I've made up my mind and I don't want Kennedy as my Senator. I know liberal Democrats are enthusiastic about her, but I'm not. Sorry. I hope Paterson is strong enough to deny a Kennedy. If she wants she can run in 2010 or 2012. I'm sure she will pose a challenge.


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