• Give me a break here. Among that list is make a speech in a Muslim country. Try running on that. Name me one signature issue that Democrats can run on and win. There is not one. Among the three biggest issues, the economy, health care and national security, there is not a single legislation or event you can point to and claim Democrats are better for the country. Don't get me wrong, I'm voting Democrat in 2010 and I very much support my President, but as I said 2009 was wasted. If Bush could get a $1 trillion tax cut passed with 51 Republicans, it says a lot that Democrats cannot get Health Care reform with 60 Democrats.
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    While I supported Clinton in the 2008 election and believed she was the better leader, Obama is our President. We would never know what a Clinton presidency or McCain presidency might have been. People can claim that Clinton would have been in the same position, McCain would have make things worst, but frankly, we do not know the decisions these leaders would have made.

    Personally, I feel the last year was wasted. What have Obama and Congress actually done for the country? There is not a single signature issue passed last year. Jobs should have been number 1, pass the things Democrats and Republicans agree on on Health Care. Work on the core of the legislation at a later date.

    As a side note, I'm sick and tired of people calling others troll for simply stating a valid opinion. It's not like the OP is chanting "death to America" and pledging support for Al Qaeda. Enough already.

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    Older voters who favor Brown because of Health Care may stay home, but I doubt it. If someone is excited to vote, or have a good reason to vote, chances are they will vote despite the weather. If Coakley is going to win, it will be by the skin of her teeth. Either way, this does not bode well for November. A lot of vulnerable seats will likely go Republican.
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    Owens WINS! That should teach Republicans a lesson.

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    I feel Jersey's pain with Corzine. New York has its own problem with Paterson (I'm not voting for his reelection).

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    NY-23 and the Mayoral race is surprisingly close. I hope we could pull it off in NY-23.

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    As the exit polls showed, the election had more to do with local issues than Obama.

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    The internals of these exits just don't look good for Corzine. Christie takes 58% of Independents, while Corzine gets 33%. 27% of the electorate are Independents. These are according to CNN.

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    Oh my lord, its been forever since I've been here. Lets just suck it up and say Democrats nominated a very weak campaigner.

    It does not break trends--it is the ninth time in a row the opposing party of the party in the White House has won the Governorship.

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    I'm sorry, but can someone point out to me where this bill creates 4 million jobs. I'm sick and tired of spending all this money for nothing. What did the first stimulus do? Nothing. What did the first $350 billion in TARP do? Nothing. In fact, the banks who asked for the money, don't know and dare to ask for more. We are spending ourselves to the grave and I'm tired of it. So, someone please tell me how does this stimulus package promise to create a single job.

  • I will absolutely support a Constitutional Amendment banning appointments to the Senate by state Governor's.

  • To be honest, I don't have any objections to this appointment. While we do not agree on every issue I never agree with my leaders on every issue. I never agreed with Clinton on every issue. Lets see how she does in the next 2 years.

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    Why is everyone blaming Patterson for all this. Believe, it is okay to criticize a Kennedy.

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    I really hate all this PUMA this and PUMA that around here. Everyone who oppose Kennedy's appointment is automatically classified as a PUMA, which is just no the case. I have been highly critical to the PUMA, but I also do not support Kennedy's appointment because I believe there are far more qualified New Yorker's who have served New York. Kennedy is only a candidate because of her name, not her qualifications. So, stop lumping people into a group for the sake of venting your anger and frustration.

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    I certainly did not hide my reservations to Kennedy's appointment to the seat and I must be honest, this news is a welcomed surprise. However, I do hope President Obama finds a suitable position for her, whether it involves education, or it is an appointment to St. James Court. Kennedy did not make the impression on me as it did on others in the Democratic Party, but certainly, she has my respect.


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